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5-Star Garage Door Repairs Service In Saddlebrooke

Tucson, Arizona based Discount Door Service is pleased to offer their exemplary garage door services in Saddlebrooke.

The company enjoys a 5-Star rating on multiple online review platforms.

affordable garage door repair SaddlebrookeDiscount Door Service has provided garage door services to the Tucson community for over 20 years and has been known throughout their history for their ability to promptly respond to their customers and provide a reliable service. “Our commitment is always towards the community,” says Melissa MacMeans, general manager of the company and lifelong resident of the Tucson area. “We take pride in being quick to respond and always being there for our community in cases of emergency. We know that when one needs a garage door repair, especially if it’s a broken garage door spring that has you stuck inside or locked out of the garage, you already have enough stress to deal with. Being asked to wait for days in this situation is unacceptable, and we combat this with our dedication and commitment to providing an affordable service.”

In addition to their quick response times, the company is also keen on carrying out the job in question as efficiently as possible. They state that for most of the cases, a repair and maintenance service job can be completed, in a safe manner, within an hour. However, the Saddlebrooke repair specialists note the importance of having these repair and maintenance jobs done by a professional.

MacMeans says, “Any given door can weight up to 400 lbs, and the mishandling of these can bring catastrophic results. This is a very serious manner, as over 20,000 people get injured every year and end up in the emergency room due to garage door related injuries. When contacting our team of professionals, our clients can rest assured knowing that their safety will always be our primary concern and our highest priority.”

Discount Door Service takes pride in offering one of the most affordable garage door services in the area, without compromising on the quality of parts used for their repairs. They state that, throughout the years, they have encountered many situations where the previous repair company used parts of bad quality which had to be changed within a couple of years of the installation, creating an even bigger expense for the property owner in the long run.

“You can find garage door openers that are less expensive than the ones we install. But with as many motors as we’ve seen over the years, there’s a good reason we don’t use anything else,” asserts MacMeans, adding that, ” At Discount Door Services, we don’t want to install an opener in your garage that will only work for a year or two before it needs to be replaced again due to failing parts.”

The commitment shown by Discount Door Services towards the community is reflected in the gratitude that Tucson residents show the company. One 5 Star review written by Pamela P. says that the company delivered a “Fantastic service at a critical moment. A cable snapped on our garage door as we were on our way to the hospital for an emergency. Fortunately, one of our neighbors let us borrow their car insight of the situation we were in. We called Discount Door on our way to the hospital, and the representative in charge offered to send her technician within the next hour so the door would be fixed by the time we got back. Indeed, they accomplished their part of the deal, as the door was fixed by the time we got back. They were very helpful throughout the process, easing everything for us in our time of need. I would totally recommend this company, as they did not let me down.”

The company’s services include Garage Door Repairs, Maintenance, Installation, and Replacement, providing a complete service that is attuned to each customer’s unique needs. In the southern Arizona area, the Discount Door Service is able to cover Oro Valley, Marana, Tucson, Vail, Saddlebrooke, and every community all the way down to Green Valley.

For more information regarding the repair specialist services, one may contact Melissa MacMeans of Discount Door Service.

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