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Discount Door Service has been Tucson’s premier garage door repair company since 1999.  New owner Melissa MacMeans brings over 20 years of garage door industry experience with her to Discount Door Service.

Many in the Tucson garage door industry already know her from her years of serving the Tucson market. We are thrilled and honored. Our customers are now able to enjoy her vast knowledge and passion for helping people. We have full confidence that Melissa will continue to guide Discount Door Service. We have a long-established path of serving our community. Together, Mellisa and Discount Door Service are a formidable team.

Putting others first is just one of the great qualities Melissa brings to not only Discount Door Service, but to the greater Tucson community as well. It is clearly one of the reasons we are so excited for our customers to get to know her. In fact, this selflessness is what motivated Melissa to leave a long and successful career in the “corporate world” of garage doors and come to join Discount Door Service.

While Melissa had always been more of a “corporate ladder” type, a devastating and tragic event left Melissa grieving her daughter and left her grandson Maddox without his mother. It became clear to Melissa that she would need to make some significant life adjustments to ensure she had plenty of time with her grandson – time that a corporate career would not allow.

And with that, she took the leap to join the small, growing, and flexible team at Discount Door Service before ultimately becoming the new owner.

Our respect for Melissa is unmatched, as is our gratitude for her choosing to join Discount Door Service. We are confident that our customers, both old and new, will feel the same way.

Melissa’s passion reaches well beyond the garage door industry. She values the importance of keeping Tucson a great place to live. She does so by contributing to the community in many ways.

As a family-owned business, Discount Door Service understands the importance of supporting not only small businesses owned by Tucson families but family activities that reach beyond business too. That is why Melissa has donated much time and money to girls’ softball and other children’s sports, including many years of coaching youth soccer.

She has helped foster children directly, donating to charities to ensure children are properly clothed for school, as well as helping other foster families. Melissa also makes time to volunteer with the elderly. Veterans and first responders benefit regularly from Melissa and her family’s generosity.

Are you a new customer? Want to save an extra 10%? Here’s how…

Just mention Melissa’s grandson by name (he’s mentioned above), and ask how he’s doing when you call to schedule an appointment. We’ll know you took the time to read up on us, and we’ll be glad to give you the discount. (10% discount not applicable to installations of new garage doors or openers).

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Garage door Lead Technician and Manager Eddie MacMeans is winning Tucsonans’ trust and respect for his hard work and honesty on garage door repairs and installations. Eddie grew up in Tucson and has mastered welding, car mechanics, and garage doors. Eddie has an “old soul” work ethic. If it can be fixed, Eddie will fix it – and Discount Door Service guarantees his work!


A friendly, kind, and honest service technician, fixing doors and making friends wherever he goes.


An energetic, fun, and knowledgeable service tech who will get your door working again in no time.