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Discount Door Service cares about your health. Please know that we are using every precaution to keep you and our employees safe. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We will make exceptions to limit human contact. You do not have to have close contact with us. We are a local company and we appreciate your business. We know getting stuck in your garage right now may be a challenge. We are responding quickly and safely. All safety requests are being implemented to help serve you and keep you safe. 

Discount Door Service Provides Garage Door Repairs In Green Valley

Tucson, Arizona based Discount Door Service, a company with over 20 years of experience in garage door repair and installation, is pleased to announce that they are bringing their top tier service to the Green Valley community.

Discount Door Service has long been known in the Tucson area for the excellence and quality service that they provide. Whether the job involves implementing a simple fix to correct a garage door that got stuck, going all the way through regular maintenance to prevent failures, or completely replacing old garage doors that are broken beyond repair, Discount Door Service has been the go-to option in Tucson for garage door repair services.

As the company grows, Discount Door Service is now able to set their goals on extending their affordable garage door services to the Green Valley, AZ community.  In Green Valley, the garage door repair company will be offering all the services that have made them a staple in other communities and gained them a good reputation all across the greater Tucson area.

Some of the services offered by Discount Door Service include: Garage door repairs, installation, replacements, and even maintenance. All of their repair solutions are carried out by qualified professionals who each retain a wealth of experience in the field. Discount Door Service’s team also comes equipped with all of the specialized tools necessary to make the job simpler and faster, to ensure the client’s convenience. No job is too complex for the company. Their team is capable of fulfilling event the most difficult jobs that require the most advanced knowledge.

The company takes pride in offering one of the fastest response service times in the area, stating that it is possible to complete most repair and maintenance service jobs in less than an hour. Each member of the company’s staff strives to deliver the fastest response possible regarding a customer’s request. As a result, the company states that they are often able to offer a, “same day service,” to their customers.

Discount Door Service makes themselves available to a number of communities within the southern Arizona area, including Oro Valley, Marana, Tucson, and more, all the way down to Green Valley. This Google map shows the full service area coverage of Discount Door Service.

Melissa MacMeans, General Manager of Discount Door Service, remarked on the importance of the company’s team treatment towards the community, saying, “I am not just a business manager in Tucson; as a resident of Tucson, this is where I live with my family. When Discount Door Service gets called to do a job, it’s not just my company’s reputation that’s on the line—it’s my own reputation too. That’s why my team and I always treat every job like it’s the most important job we have done; because it is the most important job.”

The company enjoys a positive reputation among its customers, with many leaving glowing reviews online regarding their experiences. One of the many happy customer says, “Our garage door spring broke and the door cracked a bit. I had called three places for quotes to replace the entire door, all of which offered prices that were extremely high—until I called Discount Door Service. They came over and quoted me a price that was far less than the competition, and offered a service far better. The treatment was great, and even the owner personally came to discuss quotes with me. I am extremely happy that I chose Discount Door Service, and I’d do it again.”

More articles featuring Discount Door Service in the news may be found at this link: Prospective customers who wish to get in touch with the company may contact Melissa MacMeans of Discount Door Service, or visit the company’s website.

Tucson Garage Door Company Continues To Receive Positive Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Tucson, Arizona based Discount Door Service, a local company that specializes in installation and repair of all types of garage doors, prides themselves in exceeding expectations and getting great online reviews from many of their previous customers.

Established in 1999, Discount Door Service has already helped thousands of people in the Tucson and surrounding areas by providing all kinds of garage door services, including the repair of broken springs and garage door openers, as well as total replacement or installation of new garage doors. As made evident by their 5.0 rating in Google, the company is considered one of most trusted garage door service providers in the region.

One of their satisfied clients, John Maher, in a Google review, said, “We urgently needed to fix our garage door, and Discount Door Service was able to respond to us quickly, told us what needed to be done, how much would it cost, and how long would it take. From the first contact until the time we paid the bill, our experience with them was very positive. Their staff and technicians are also very courteous and professional.”

Melissa MacMeans from Discount Door Service said that, “Being a family-owned business, our goal has always been to provide excellent, professional, and personalized garage door services to the local community. It feels great to receive positive feedback from our previous customers because it means that we are doing our job right. We are so thankful to those who have expressed their appreciation towards our company. Rest assured that we will continue to provide everyone with most reliable garage door service throughout Tucson.”

The company encourages homeowners to regularly check and maintain their garage doors, primarily to ensure their family’s safety and security. In addition, MacMeans asserted that addressing the early symptoms of a malfunctioning garage door can mean more savings in the long run.

“Do not wait for the whole system to collapse. We recommend calling a professional once you’ve noticed your garage door is making unnecessary mechanical noises, its’ torsion springs are beginning to lose strength, or if the door is slightly off-kilter,” she said. Macmeans explains that a garage door has over 300 moving parts and weighs around 400 pounds; the Arizona heat delivers a lot of beating to its mechanical parts, as well as the rolling door itself. Furthermore, she highlighted the importance of regular inspection and servicing to ensure that cables and pulleys are aligned, the door is properly balanced, and that the motor and control panel are working correctly.

Kerry G., on Yelp, said, “I tried installing a garage door opener by myself but something didn’t work right, so I gave up and decided to seek professional help. I found Discount Door Service on Yelp and requested a quotation online. The owner responded promptly and had someone out to my house the very next day. The technician quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem, then programmed the remotes and installed the keypad. Everything turned out perfectly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Discount Door Service to my friends and family.”

Meanwhile, Esther C., in a Google review, said, “I got up to go to work but our garage door wouldn’t open. I asked my husband to check it and he saw that the cables are loose, so he told me to call a garage door expert. I called a few companies, spoke to Melissa at Discount Door Service, and she said that her technician would be at my house in an hour. The technician, Eddie, showed up on time and explained to us that our problem was caused by a broken spring, and repaired it quickly. It’s been a few weeks already and our garage door works perfectly.”

Those looking for garage door repair, installation and replacement services in Tucson and its surrounding areas may contact Discount Door Service. More details about the company, along with their contact information and operating hours, can be found on their website. Interested parties may also connect with them through their official social media pages on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their latest news and important announcements.

Discount Door Service Adds Garage Door Installation Capacity

Southern Arizona based garage door company, Discount Door Service, has added capacity to their garage door installation service in Tucson, in addition to their existing repair services. Established in Tucson since 1999, Discount Door Service is one of the most trusted garage door service companies in the region. From the repair of broken springs and garage door openers, to the total replacement or installation of garage doors, Discount Door Service makes itself available across the greater Tucson area.

Discount Door Service is a local company, not a national franchise, and each project is given top priority by the company. “When you hire us, you have the company owner’s full attention,” said Discount Door Service. They have built a name for themselves among local residents, taking pride in the widespread satisfaction they have achieved in Tucson and the surrounding areas. “Our reputation depends on Tucson’s satisfaction with our work,” noted the company. “If you ask around or look at our client testimonials, we think you’ll see that our good reputation has been well deserved.”

The company guarantees the highest standards of service. The satisfaction expressed by clients who have worked with Discount Door Service show they have succeeded in keeping their standards at an optimum level.

One pleased client said, “They came out and fixed my 20 year old garage door and it now works better than new! Following my call, they scheduled me for the next day and arrived on time. They used top of the line parts and now my garage door works better than it did when new. Thank you Discount Garage Door, you provided me with the best service experience I have had in years!”

Another client stated, “I am very happy with the work that Kevin from Discount Door Service did for us. He was very competent, pleasant, and timely. I was also pleased that he cleaned up afterward.”

“You can count on us for the highest quality of service,” said company General Manager Melissa MacMeans. “While other garage door companies will employ sales people, we employ highly trained professionals who are ready to attend to your every garage door need.” MacMeans also stated that Discount Door Service has the best, “parts, workmanship, and customer satisfaction in the Tucson area,” aiming to provide the best service without trying to upsell customers into something they either can’t afford or is completely unnecessary.

Discount Door Service has a policy which ensures that the price quoted is the price paid. “When we quote a job, that is the price that you pay. We never try to talk you into something more expensive or try to push accessories or other costs onto you that you do not need. We quote a price and we stick with that price,” said MacMeans. This is considered rare in the industry and is, so the company believes, part of the reason Discount Door Service has a good reputation in Tucson – and the reason their customers keep coming back. They can be contacted on their main site, or their Google Business listing for Tucson garage door installation and repair related issues.

The aim of Discount Door Service is to be the premier source of garage door replacements, repairs, and installations. The company works with top brands like Amarr, LiftMaster, and Wayne Dalton to provide their services in repairing or replacing broken springs, fixing garage door opener issues, installing new overhead doors, and many others.

Garage doors can weigh over 400 pounds and have over 300 moving parts. Installing or repairing one is not a job for the homeowner themselves or for an untrained or untrustworthy individual, as this could result in irreparable damage to the door or injury to the owner or whomever they have working on it. For this reason, the company advises customers to seek out a trustworthy, experienced service like that offered by Discount Door Service.

With experienced trustworthy staff, a great reputation around Tucson and the surrounding area, and use of only the best brands, Discount Door service presents one of the best options for anyone needing garage door-related services. Their experience, having been active in Tucson since the nineties, also ensures that they are well aware of the extra precautions needed when living in the Arizona desert.

Those interested in getting in touch with the company may contact Melissa MacMeans of Discount Door Service. You are invited click here to get more information on the company and their services, including new garage door installations.

Discount Door Service in Tucson Creates Another Happy Garage Door Customer

Discount Door Service, based in Tucson, AZ, has announced with pride that they have received yet another rave review. The five star review was posted on their Google Maps page and it involved the repair of an old garage door. The company is a garage door supplier that provides installation and repair for homes in Tucson and neighboring areas.

Melissa MacMeans, spokesperson for Discount Door Service, says, “We’re super happy that the customer is pleased with his “new” garage door – it should keep working for another 20 years now. We really appreciate his taking the time to leave a review as well, so that others in Tucson can know that we can help them too.”

David N. gave the company a rating of five stars and said, “They came out and fixed my 20-year-old garage door and it now works better than new. They scheduled me for the next day, came out on time. They used top of the line parts and now my garage door works better than it did when new. Thank you Discount Garage Door you provided me with the best service experience I have had in years!”

The garage door service company is used to receiving such high marks in customer reviews. In fact, the reviews at Google Maps have been all five-star reviews so far that their overall rating is 5.0. For example, Casey S. had also given the company five stars and said, “They came out on a Sunday to look at our “dead” garage door opener. Two minutes later, the opener was reprogrammed and functioning. No pressure to replace it, but some suggestions on what to do when it fails again. Fast, friendly and reasonably priced, we will definitely use Discount Garage Door when our opener or door need replacement.”

One way that the company serves homeowners in Tucson is by posting articles on their site offering tips to homeowners, such as when a garage door does not open. The problem is how to release the garage door from the operator so as to allow the opening of the door by hand. This can be done by pulling the red release cord down towards the floor. People need to be extra careful when the door is not fully closed because the door has the tendency to slam close when released. For older garage doors that have no red release cord, the door may be released by pulling down a handle or a spring loaded clip. For others, this can be done by unbolting the arm from the door. For some, it may be advisable to consult a professional such as team members from Discount Door Service.

Another concern that the company can help homeowners with is the replacement of the garage door springs. This torsion spring has an expected life of approximately 10,000 cycles, where one cycle is one opening and one closing of the garage door. The spring is subjected to a great amount of force each time the door is opened or closed. Thus, there will come a time when the steel finally cracks and breaks and thus, will need replacement. Discount Door Service is ready to provide such a service.

Another issue that Discount Door Service can help with is the balancing of the garage door. Another article on the site describes how homeowners can check if the door is balanced properly. If the door is not balanced correctly, the door springs need to be adjusted by experienced and trained personnel.

Discount Door Service has been in operation and has been serving Tucson and surrounding areas since 1999. They provide quality garage door installation, replacement and repair at a fair price. They are committed to offering the best prices. They specialize in garage door installations, roller replacement, spring replacement, garage weather seals, new garage door openers, and even complete garage door replacement.

Those who require more information can visit their website, call them by phone, or visit their office. Their business hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Saturday.

You can see other Discount Door Service Press Releases Here:

Garage Door Installation In Tucson Celebrates New Rave Review

Discount Door Service, a garage door installation and repair service based out of Tucson, Arizona, is proud to announce the posting of a 5-star review on Yelp. The company boasts a 5-star rating overall on the review website and is pleased to see their customers post about how satisfied they are with the company’s services. The review was posted on October 1st, 2018 by Dru P. from Tucson, describing the installation of a new garage door in her Tucson house.

Read Dru P.‘s review of Discount Door Service on Yelp

Melissa MacMeans from Discount Garage Door says, “Getting a brand new garage door installed should be just as important as any other kind of construction on the home, because it’s something that’s going to be used over and over again.” She notes that in the Tucson area, garage doors tend to have problems due to weather and regular wear and tear. “Sometimes the system is old, and it’s time to just have a whole new system installed like Dru P. and her partner David did.” The announcement of Discount Doors garage door installation service can be seen in this Tucson Press Release.

In the 5-star Yelp review Dru says, “David and I never make a decision without exhaustive research, multiple bids, and reference-checking. Discount Door Service rose to the top in every area.”

MacMeans says that garage doors can sometimes be taken for granted when it comes to installation and repair. “Many people just don’t know where to start when it comes to what kind of garage door they need, because not all doors are the same, and not all garages are the same,” she says. She notes that the age of the house and the construction of the garage can mean different kinds of features should be taken into account. “Most garage doors have over 300 moving parts to them and can weigh upwards of 400 pounds. And with your smartphone, you can open your garage door with a press of your finger on your screen. We can help you find the door that’s best for your house and your use.”

Dru says that MacMeans was especially helpful when it came to finding the right garage door in Tucson. “Melissa carefully presented the pros and cons in several areas so we could make the correct garage door choice, and Eddie had the door properly installed in a few hours. All our questions were quickly answered,” she writes in the review. “Even though we called several times to ask more questions (New garage doors don’t have outside handles!) Melissa patiently answered each query. When we had difficulty downloading the garage door app on our phones, someone was here to help within the hour. This kind of service is hard to come by in Tucson.”

Like any kind of new addition to the home, MacMeans says, getting answers to questions quickly and easily is the key to a successful installation. “A lot of companies will come in, install the door, hand you an invoice, and call it a day,” she says. “Because we’re not a franchisee of some major national brand, we can give you a true estimate of the kind of garage door you need.” More about their installation and repair can be found in this collection of garage door articles on Discount Door Service.

MacMeans says there are a number of factors for homeowners should consider when they’re installing a new garage door. “The Consumer Product Safety Commission says that 20,000 people go to the ER every year due to garage door incidents,” she notes. “Fixing a garage door should be done by professionals who know the ins and outs of the hundreds of moving parts involved. We can diagnose your problem and get it fixed as quickly as possible.”

Founded in 1999, Discount Door Service has been serving the residents of Tucson and the surrounding areas with the installation and repair of garage doors. The staff knows how important it is to offer quality and value to every customer, and the company’s positive reputation has been established in many positive reviews online, including Dru’s 5-star Yelp testimonial.

Dru concluded her Yelp review of Discount Door Service by saying, “We highly recommend Discount Door because we know you won’t be disappointed.”

MacMeans says, “Tucson is one of the best places to live, and we’re more than happy to hear from our satisfied customers. We hope to serve them with garage door installation and repair for years to come.”

More details about Discount Door’s services, along with contact information, can be found at their main website, or this recently updated Google Website. Customers can also visit the company’s website to contact them for an appointment.

Discount Door Service Announces Tucson Garage Door Installation Service

Discount Door Service has announced that they now offer garage door installation service in Tucson, AZ. The company recently stated that they are providing installation services in addition to their maintenance and repair services for garage doors in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona.

Melissa MacMeans, a representative for the company, says, “You can count on us for the highest quality of service. While other garage door companies will employ sales people, we employ highly trained professionals who are ready to attend to your every garage door need.”

MacMeans says that they offer the best parts, workmanship and customer satisfaction in the Tucson area and states that their professional technicians never try to upsell their customers into something more expensive that they neither need nor can actively afford. She states that the company’s goal is to simply provide the best service possible and to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied with the outcome.

Quality, Caring Garage Door Service Garners Great Reviews

A recent customer left a review online stating that his garage door spring broke. He states that the company, “Came out and fixed it quickly and for a fair price. the price quoted was the price charged.”

MacMeans says that this is their policy. She states, “When we quote a job, that is the price that you pay. We never try to talk you into something more expensive or try to push accessories or other costs onto you that you do not need. We quote a price and we stick with that price.”  Positive customer reviews show that customers not only recognize, but appreciate that.

The company says that their price quote policy is rare in the garage door business and they state that they will stand behind this policy far into the future. MacMeans says that it is this professional service that has gained them a stellar reputation and helped to ensure that their customers come back to them again and again.

The company states that they always strive to be the premier provider of garage door installations, replacements, repairs and services. They offer services that include broken springs, garage door opener issues, installing new overhead doors, and more. The company works with top name brand manufacturers like Amarr, LiftMaster and Wayne Dalton, among others and can replace doors, offer general lube and maintenance services, perform panel and track replacements, replace seals and bottom rubbers, offer safety checks and more. They currently serve customers in Tucson as well as Marana, Oro Valley, Vail, Green Valley, and surrounding communities.

MacMeans says that replacing or repairing a garage door is not typically something that average homeowners can do on their own. The company states that most garage doors weigh upwards of 400 pounds and have around 300 or more moving parts. Repairing those doors can get complicated to someone who is not familiar with that kind of process. The company states that when choosing a garage repair service, home or business owners should ensure that they are working with a qualified, experienced and educated company in order to ensure that those repairs are done properly.

The company states that they also offer regular maintenance and services on garage doors to keep them fully operational at all times. MacMeans says that doors need to be regularly maintained in order to avoid serious repairs. Discount Door Service has been serving the Tucson, Arizona region with maintenance and garage door installation and service since 1999. They state that they are fully aware of some of the special considerations that come along with living in the desert and state that they can handle any garage door issue that may come up.

Professional, Affordable Garage Door Installation in Tucson

MacMeans says that installing a garage door needs to be done properly and can be dangerous for those who are not aware of what they are doing. She states that home and business owners should avoid injury and safety issues by contacting a professional garage door installation company as opposed to attempting to install a garage door on their own. She says that Discount Door Service has been in business for 20 years, and states that they are fully licensed and bonded and listed with the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. The company states that they have a number of positive reviews on various sites online and urges those with garage door needs to look up those reviews to learn more about their customer satisfaction policy.

Those interested can also learn more about the specific services and service areas that the company can serve by visiting them on their official website. The Tucson garage door installation service company is a locally owned and operated business and says that they welcome questions from new customers.

Garage Doors Tucson Company Receives Rave Review

Discount Door Service, a garage door service company in Tucson, AZ, is proud to announce that they have received a five star review. The company provides services for installation or replacement of garage doors for homes in Tucson. They point out that the rave review is just one of the many positive testimonials they have received and demonstrates their commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Melissa MacMeans from Discount Door Service says, “We are honored and proud to have receive another five star review. It simply means that we have been doing things right. And we promise to continue doing this, and possibly even improve on it. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers who have expressed their appreciation.”

Matthew P. gave a five star rating for the garage doors Tucson company and says, “Great service and response time from Eddie. Could not be happier with the professionalism, courtesy, and best of all price. Don’t hesitate to give them a call over some of the bigger guys.”

Discount Door Service wants to emphasize that the installation of a garage door cannot be a do-it-yourself project because of the dangers involved. They point to the Consumer Product Safety Commission report, indicating that an average of 20,000 people have been injured and get rushed to the emergency room every year because of garage door related injuries. Furthermore, a garage door often weighs more than 400 pounds and has more than 300 moving parts.

Melissa adds, “A better option is to call a local expert who not only understands all there is to know about garage doors, but who also knows Tucson. There are unique considerations involved with our heat and weather here in Southern Arizona, so working with a Tucson native who has been repairing and installing garage doors here since 1999 will most definitely work in your favor.”

Also, Melissa points out that, “When you choose to work with Discount Door Service, a locally owned and operated Tucson company, you have the full attention and expertise of the owner. Because we don’t use a sales force and no one gets paid ‘on commission’, you can rest assured that our prices are fair. And we always use high quality parts and suppliers even if our prices are relatively low.”

Aside from providing garage door installation and replacement services, Discount Door Service also provides repair services for malfunctioning garage doors. Aside from fixing the garage door, the company also explains to homeowners the specific stresses that a garage door in Tucson is subjected to, what to look for, and how to maintain it properly in order to maximize the length of time that it remains trouble-free.

They point out that the usual problem with garage doors in Tucson has to do with broken torsion springs, which they can replace. Other garage door problems they can help with include noisy garage doors, those that are slightly off kilter, and a busted garage panel.

According to Melissa, garage doors that are noisy usually have a problem with the rollers. Replacing those rollers is essential to avoid noise and additional damage to the garage door. Another potential problem is due to bent tracks. These are the tracks that guide the door rollers. Depending on how bent they are, the tracks may only need to be repaired or they may need to be replaced. The professionals from Discount Door Service would be able to determine what exactly is needed.

Melissa points out that homeowners also need to think about garage door maintenance if they want to extend the life of their garage doors for as long as possible. She notes that homeowners usually forget about this need but she wants to stress that considering the fact that it is often used for entering or leaving the home, it is actually the most important door of the home.

Melissa says, “Now consider what would happen if you couldn’t use it… and you couldn’t get your car out of the garage. You wouldn’t be able to get to work. You wouldn’t be able to get the kids to school. And you wouldn’t be able to do errands.”

Discount Door Service was founded in Tucson, AZ, in 1999 and since then, they have helped hundreds of homeowners in the area with various needs involving garage doors.

Discount Door Service in Tucson News Now

We work hard for our customers, making sure we deliver the best garage door repair Tucson can find at any price – much less at the Discount Door Service price!  Getting unsolicited positive reviews from our customers is one of the greatest rewards we can get as a local business.  Coming in not far behind is when we get to show off that review via a local Tucson news outlet like Tucson News Now.

No matter whether you need a brand new garage door installed, or even just a new garage door opener, or if you need some maintenance or repairs like having a broken spring replaced, Discount Door Service is always ready to deliver exceptional quality service with a smile, and do it all at a discounted price.  After all, it’s in our name and we’ve been sticking to it here in Tucson since 1999.

Want even more savings on your garage door service?  We’ve got you covered there too…

We take the time to do things right, because we care about the job, we care about your garage door, and we care about you, our customer.  If you would like to get to know just a little bit more about us and what makes us the #1 choice in garage door service by a lot of your neighbors, take a moment to read a little bit about us on our “about us” page of our website.  When you do, hopefully you’ll feel even better about letting us come in and handle such a big, important job for you.  And you’ll also discover a way to save a little bit more money off of our already low. low prices.  It’s the least we could do for those that take the time to do a bit of research and end up deciding to let us do the work.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to helping you with your garage door service soon.

Sharing What Customers Share

At Discount Door Service, we always work hard for you, our customers.  We understand that having a problem with your garage door can lead to a lot of stress on top of what is often an already hectic and stressful life.  That’s why we work hard to make the process as simple, pleasant and affordable for you as possible.

When our customers take the time to share their experience with us, we sincerely appreciate it.  So with that said, we would like to share a bit of what one of our recent customers took the time to post on the BBB website.  You can see it there by following this link.

All we can say is, Thank you Irene!  It was an honor to help you and a pleasure to meet you.   

Garage Door Safety

Let’s face it – garage doors don’t make it in the news very often.  I get it, I’m OK with that.  But when they do get in the news for something like the article below outlines, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

Of course we’re always glad when helpful information such as this is shared and made available to homeowners, especially those here in the Tucson area that we work with on a daily basis.  So in that regard we are very happy to see this article.

On the other hand though, it’s sort of frustrating that the industry pretty much only gets exposure when there is a potential danger such as this one, some faulty equipment like a garage door opener recall, or when there are reported scam artists going around way over charging for unnecessary garage door repairs…

But I guess that’s the nature of garage doors in general – you don’t really think about them when everything is working the way it’s supposed to.  It’s only when things go wrong that you even think twice about it.  So in that sense, my daily goal is to make you think as little about your garage doors as possible, for as long as possible.  By using only quality parts installed with careful precision, Discount Door Service is here to keep your garage doors working smoothly for you.  And when they don’t, we’re here to fix them for you.

OK, so now for the good news/bad news of the recent garage door coverage in a nutshell:  Yes, it’s possible that your garage door is vulnerable to easily being forced open, but it’s quick, easy and inexpensive for you to fix that issue yourself.  Check out the information below, and of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us at Tucson’s Discount Door Service by calling (520) 579-9084.

Burglars Can Break Into Your Garage With Coat Hanger In Just Seconds

Your garage door may not be as secure as you think. Here’s how to fight back.

Burglars may have the key to your home and it’s a 10-cent wire coat hanger.

One expert said the emergency latch on a garage door may be more useful to burglars than homeowners. Bad guys can reach a coat hanger inside the top of the garage door and pop the emergency latch, freeing the door to slide open manually.

Phoenix police said this is an age-old problem going back 20-plus years. But now, YouTube videos can teach bad guys how to get past your garage door in seconds.

But there’s an equally low-cost way to fight back.

A zip-tie can be woven into the holes in the emergency latch to secure it in the closed position. That makes it much harder for someone to pull the latch from the outside. Shortening or removing the pull cord can also make it harder for burglars. read more at

Just to not be all “doom and gloom”, I thought I would also share this story that I was glad to see about Marana, where I spend a lot of time…

Town of Marana broke ground on a new police HQ

MARANA, Ariz.(KGUN9-TV) – After three years of waiting, Marana Police are getting a new police headquarters.

The Town of Marana broke ground on the new building Wednesday morning, according to a press release from Marana Communications Manager.

The push for a new police headquarters began in 2014. Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema told Town Manager Gilbert Davidson that the investment into a new police headquarters “isn’t about constructing a new building. This is about serving our town”.

The Council decided that the public wholeheartedly supported the project. Town staff didn’t receive a single complaint from the public.

Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2018. Town of Marana broke ground on a new police HQ –

Between great community policing, strong neighborhood watch groups and basic precautions outlined above, I think we can should all be able to sleep just fine – as long as we survive this heat!

Remember, if you or anyone you know needs help with a garage door, don’t spend more than you need to!  Call Discount Door Service today!  (520) 579-9084

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