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Discount Door Service cares about your health. Please know that we are using every precaution to keep you and our employees safe. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We will make exceptions to limit human contact. You do not have to have close contact with us. We are a local company and we appreciate your business. We know getting stuck in your garage right now may be a challenge. We are responding quickly and safely. All safety requests are being implemented to help serve you and keep you safe. 

Sharing What Customers Share

At Discount Door Service, we always work hard for you, our customers.  We understand that having a problem with your garage door can lead to a lot of stress on top of what is often an already hectic and stressful life.  That’s why we work hard to make the process as simple, pleasant and affordable for you as possible.

When our customers take the time to share their experience with us, we sincerely appreciate it.  So with that said, we would like to share a bit of what one of our recent customers took the time to post on the BBB website.  You can see it there by following this link.

All we can say is, Thank you Irene!  It was an honor to help you and a pleasure to meet you.   

Garage Door Safety

Let’s face it – garage doors don’t make it in the news very often.  I get it, I’m OK with that.  But when they do get in the news for something like the article below outlines, it’s both a blessing and a curse.

Of course we’re always glad when helpful information such as this is shared and made available to homeowners, especially those here in the Tucson area that we work with on a daily basis.  So in that regard we are very happy to see this article.

On the other hand though, it’s sort of frustrating that the industry pretty much only gets exposure when there is a potential danger such as this one, some faulty equipment like a garage door opener recall, or when there are reported scam artists going around way over charging for unnecessary garage door repairs…

But I guess that’s the nature of garage doors in general – you don’t really think about them when everything is working the way it’s supposed to.  It’s only when things go wrong that you even think twice about it.  So in that sense, my daily goal is to make you think as little about your garage doors as possible, for as long as possible.  By using only quality parts installed with careful precision, Discount Door Service is here to keep your garage doors working smoothly for you.  And when they don’t, we’re here to fix them for you.

OK, so now for the good news/bad news of the recent garage door coverage in a nutshell:  Yes, it’s possible that your garage door is vulnerable to easily being forced open, but it’s quick, easy and inexpensive for you to fix that issue yourself.  Check out the information below, and of course, if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us at Tucson’s Discount Door Service by calling (520) 579-9084.

Burglars Can Break Into Your Garage With Coat Hanger In Just Seconds

Your garage door may not be as secure as you think. Here’s how to fight back.

Burglars may have the key to your home and it’s a 10-cent wire coat hanger.

One expert said the emergency latch on a garage door may be more useful to burglars than homeowners. Bad guys can reach a coat hanger inside the top of the garage door and pop the emergency latch, freeing the door to slide open manually.

Phoenix police said this is an age-old problem going back 20-plus years. But now, YouTube videos can teach bad guys how to get past your garage door in seconds.

But there’s an equally low-cost way to fight back.

A zip-tie can be woven into the holes in the emergency latch to secure it in the closed position. That makes it much harder for someone to pull the latch from the outside. Shortening or removing the pull cord can also make it harder for burglars. read more at

Just to not be all “doom and gloom”, I thought I would also share this story that I was glad to see about Marana, where I spend a lot of time…

Town of Marana broke ground on a new police HQ

MARANA, Ariz.(KGUN9-TV) – After three years of waiting, Marana Police are getting a new police headquarters.

The Town of Marana broke ground on the new building Wednesday morning, according to a press release from Marana Communications Manager.

The push for a new police headquarters began in 2014. Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema told Town Manager Gilbert Davidson that the investment into a new police headquarters “isn’t about constructing a new building. This is about serving our town”.

The Council decided that the public wholeheartedly supported the project. Town staff didn’t receive a single complaint from the public.

Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2018. Town of Marana broke ground on a new police HQ –

Between great community policing, strong neighborhood watch groups and basic precautions outlined above, I think we can should all be able to sleep just fine – as long as we survive this heat!

Remember, if you or anyone you know needs help with a garage door, don’t spend more than you need to!  Call Discount Door Service today!  (520) 579-9084

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Wooden Garage Doors in Tucson

Even though we spend most of our time dealing with garage door repairs, we do also get inquiries about different options to consider when it comes to brand new garage doors.  So along those lines of thinking, I thought I would share a bit of information on solid wood garage doors.  It’s not something we see a whole lot of here in Tucson, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an option for you.

A garage door must be solid to ensure the safety of not only your vehicles, but your home as well.

But this is not the only functionality of this product, whose numerous options can make deciding on one material over another sometimes so difficult.

Among the selection criteria, insulation capacity and aesthetics are often in first place. The wooden garage door meets all these expectations.

Features Of The Wooden Garage Door

Garage door manufacturers have found in wood a synonym for solidity. They use solid wood, such as pine or fir, to make door finishes that must withstand the passage of time, changes in temperature and especially frequent manipulations.

The Oukoumé wood and the Doussie are generally very appreciated and frequently used because they are very robust. They also make it possible to create doors that last for thirty or even forty years, in spite of the alternation of the humidity and the excessive heat that they must undergo.

The wood, before being worked to obtain the desired shape and dimensions, is treated in order to slow down the chances of it rotting. It is then shaped into the desired shape.

Generally, the garage door is manufactured according to standardized standards but nothing prevents you from ordering one made to measure, depending on the location, the orientation and the dimensions of your garage.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wooden Garage Door

Wood is undoubtedly a material of unquestionable elegance, but it is nevertheless difficult to install. Because it is a heavy material that, unlike PVC and aluminum, requires a lot of experience and sometimes even the intervention of a whole team of professionals.

Quality wood is also a little more expensive than other types of materials, but then the durability and elegance is something that people are often willing to pay extra for.

At Discount Garage Door Company, we have experience with installing all kinds of doors, so if you’re curious about a solid wooden door for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options.

Video Transcript

what why for quality garage doors and san diego today – a video not on the garage door opener but on a garage door I’ve done one of these yet be kind of interesting to see his start to finish what it do a one piece wooden door I’ve got the lumber right here plywood and talking nails everything else ready to build this from the ground up go out to the customer’s house and hanging and she can’t get a sectional door she probably can but she’s in a duplex where the neighbor has to get one too and she uses it not to live it but to store things so she bought half of the duplex and uses it for storage so i have to replicate what’s out there i’m going to use your existing truss rods but other than that will be from the ground up we scratch so let me get set up here and we’ll start now on this stuff together and I’m going to start videotaping it piece by piece speeding it up see if I can keep this video short as possible if not off to cut it into a few segments but hopefully i get all of them catching a man alright so here we’ve got the plans for the door what makes 15 9 wide i’m going to make it about 15 eight and a quarter split the difference between three quarters of an inch on both sides I’ve got supply to rip to five and a half and then we’re going to create this designed to match the existing door step back here a couple of things we’re going to need some clocking a router a drill stapler 20 penny nails staples a few 16 penny nails a chop saw a warm God saw course a hammer wunderbar there’ll be other few other tools used along the way but for now that’s what we’re going to start building the store with a good the idea is going to be but roll out the alley like this and just leave the camera on speed up later the handrails here i’m going to examine them and see which way I want to flip when you’ve got to be real particular about how the wood goes together like this hodgepodge it together you gotta check everything the bowl in the would not switch into want to cut off it’s pretty detailed so I’m just going to let it record cut out what I need to an editing but try to float just like this with a very few camera just just yeah yeah okay so we got the friend we apply we got asked in the bottom weatherstrip on now we’re going to rip the design three-eighths rubs on five and a quarter inch why going to pull the table style we’re ripping Anglo strips and then tomorrow when it’s nice and overcast we’re going to attach the strips of talk around the edges wrap this up tomorrow here freshly shaved on let’s get burning and hopefully with your wrap it up yeah yeah yeah I don’t know yeah yeah ok yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Happy New Year Tucson! 2017

A few days late, but no less sincere… true and honest “Happy New Year” wishes going out to everyone in and around Tucson (and beyond)!  To all my past customers, I thank you for trusting me with your garage door repairs, service and installations in 2016.  For all new customers I have yet to meet in 2017 – while I don’t wish garage door problems upon anyone, I am more than happy to be the guy you call when you need help with yours.

With the New Year underway now almost a week, I thought I would share a little good Will (no pun intended!) for those of you who are baseball fans…

Tucsonans Can Get Discount Spring Training Tickets

Tucson residents can receive 50 percent off Diamondback Spring Training tickets Friday.

The offer will take place from 9 a.m. until midnight for all 2017 Spring Training games at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Go to use 17LEGACY and your Tucson zip code when purchasing the tickets online. The promotion is good for up to eight tickets per account in select sections.

The D-backs open their 20th Spring Training on Feb. 22 at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick with a game against Grand Canyon University. read more at

Can you believe we’re already talking baseball?!?!  Maybe, maybe not, but with this incredible weather we’re having, it feels like baseball time to me, so… “Take me out to the ball game!”

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Tucson Seeing Some Things Going Up (Like Our Garage Doors)

As a garage door company, we need to be mindful of both the ups and downs of our product in a literal sense.  But when it comes to our home town of Tucson, we definitely prefer to focus on the UP news. And when it comes to housing, since we are closely tied to it in many ways, we’re definitely happy to see more signs that things are headed in an upward direction.  Even if people continue to use careful language such as “cautiously optimistic”.  Heck, that’s a lot better than what we have heard for more than a few years, so yeah, we’ll take it!

Tucson housing market is looking up

Tucson housingFueled by better-than-expected job growth, falling foreclosures and rising new-home sales, the first half of 2016 produced a long-unseen stability in the local housing market.

And while no one is ready to uncork any champagne, industry observers say the improvement in the first six months of this year is cause for cautious optimism.

“You can definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Eric Gibbs, president of the Tucson Association of Realtors. “You can almost touch the end of the tunnel.”

“I’m very cautious because we’re not completely out of the woods yet,” Gibbs said, “but we’ve had a positive six months — in fact, the best first half since the crash.” read more at

In fact, with the good news regarding housing, if you’re not inclined to pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate, here’s a different idea and approach to consider… How about adopting a pet?  This weekend would be a great time to do that.

Looking for a New Pet? Forgo the Puppy Mills at ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’

Adopt, Don’t Shop” day also marks the effective date of Arizona’s harmful pro-puppy mill law, SB 1248. The law will prohibit cities, towns and counties from enacting ordinances banning the sale of commercially raised dogs and cats in pet stores and will void ordinances in Phoenix and Tempe. Due to the law, a draft pet store ordinance in Tucson that was pending the outcome of a lawsuit against the City of Phoenix will no longer take effect.

The public can avoid supporting cruel puppy mills by never buying a puppy in a pet store. Most pet store puppies come from commercial breeding facilities that force animals to spend their entire breeding lives in cramped wire cages, to have minimal food and water, to be exposed to extreme temperatures for prolonged periods of time, and to be given only minimal veterinary, dental care and grooming. Other pet stores who sell dogs and cats sourced locally are likely paying unlicensed “back-yard” breeders to produce popular breeds so that they have stock year round. These puppies and kittens leave the stores unaltered, unlike shelter-sourced animals, which must be altered before leaving. This practice contributes to the homeless pet issue and the costs to taxpayers and rescues. read more at

Then again, if you’re headed out with your pets these days, there’s an extra threat that you need to be aware of.  Normally we remind people to be extra cautious with their pets in the car during times such high heat. Many people would never think to leave their animal in a car unattended, which is great. However, there still seems to be quite a few folks who aren’t quite as careful when it comes to driving through areas of high water.

We have been getting some crazy amounts of rain here in southern Arizona lately.  It is SO important that everyone be careful out there and don’t risk entering areas of high or flowing water.  It’s much better to be late and safe than the alternative.

Flash floods close roads, strand drivers in Arizona

flash floodsPHOENIX –  Flash flooding snarled rush hour traffic in Phoenix Tuesday evening, while the heavy monsoon rains also inundated roadways in the Tucson area and prompted the evacuation of two high schools.

The flooding closed numerous roads and stranded drivers, prompting water rescues or assists in Scottsdale, Phoenix and Tucson, officials said.

So much rain had fallen in a short span of time — up to 2 inches in one hour in central Phoenix — that the National Weather Service was referring to the storm as a 100-year event, meaning that amount of rainfall has a 1 percent chance of happening in any given year, in a specific location, according to a report on the Arizona Republic website. Motorists were abandoning their cars near the intersection of Camelback Road and 35th Avenue.

Some areas near Tucson received nearly 2 inches of rain Tuesday morning, the National Weather Service said. read more at

Stay safe out there Tucson!

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More Positives for Arizona Overall

As a parent, we all love to hear people say good, positive things about our kids.  As a lifelong resident of Tucson, we love hearing good things about Arizona.  And it seems that we’ve gotten a few more “plus” reviews and mentions recently that we were happy to read (and are happy to share with you here).

Arizona ranks No. 1 in aerospace manufacturing

Arizona is home to more than 1,200 aerospace and defense companies, according to the Arizona Commerce Authority, and the industry’s growth in the state has put it in the top ranking for aerospace manufacturing.

PricewaterhouseCoopers released a ranking of the top places for aerospace manufacturing, and Arizona came in at No. 1, beating out Florida, Utah and Georgia, among others.

Arizona’s aerospace and defense total exports rose by almost 22 percent from 2011 to 2014, reaching a $3.47 billion total, primarily due to a near $400 million increase in aircraft, engines and parts exports, according to a 2015 study by the International Trade Administration. read more at

That’s good to hear and seems promising for overall growth for our state.

On top of that story, there was another bit of good news that, (no offense meant), I have to take with a grain of salt.

Study: Tucson second best city in nation for motorists

TrafficPHOENIX — Sure. You may hate driving in Arizona.

The traffic. The noise. All the other bad drivers.

But a new report suggests that Arizona cities are among the best in the country for motorists.

It’s not because WalletHub went out and looked at how Arizonans are driving. About the closest they came to that is looking at accident rates as compared to the national average.

Instead, the web-based financial advice firm analyzed what it says are 21 key metrics, including those accidents, to figure out which cities are the best for folks behind the wheel.

And Scottsdale came in first in the entire country.

Tucson is No. 2. But Gilbert, Mesa and Chandler came in fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. Via

Maybe it’s because so many Tucson drivers feel good knowing that if they ever need any kind of garage door service, Discount Garage Door Company is here to help them.  What do you think?  (Yeah, take it with a grain (or 3) of salt! lol)


Tucson – Surviving The Summer

OK, we know it’s hot here in the summer time. But these days there’s even more to be on the lookout for as far as surviving in Tucson this summer. Fortunately for us, between some common sense, being careful and having some top-notch law enforcement, we should all make it through just fine.

Whether it’s weather, natural predators or un-natural predators, Tucson is seeing its’ fair share of action already this summer…

Woman kayaks through Tucson streets

When life gives you water, kayak through it

Friday afternoon, Tucson saw a record amount of rain, and since the streets flood when it barely sprinkles, you knew there were going to be some epic things to come out of it. Exhibit one is what the Stone underpass looked like (lol at the person who tried to drive a car through that). Exhibit B, and the best thing I’ve seen on Tucson twitter since someone was chasing a pelican down Speedway, is this woman kayaking down her street read more at

That’s definitely making the most of a rough situation for a real outdoor enthusiast!

But even the true nature lovers need to be careful these days. When we’re not getting flooded out by massive monsoons, the heat can bring the wildlife a bit closer than we really should get.  People trying to be “helpful” by putting out water and/or food are really just asking for trouble – both from the wildlife and from the authorities as it’s actually against the law.

Cougar sightings spike in residential areas

TUCSON – The Arizona Game and Fish Department is reporting a spike in mountain lion sightings in residential areas.

AGFD spokesman Mark Hart said animals often look for water outside of their usual ranges during the hot, dry months of May and June. Even if the lions are not thirsty, they might be following their prey.

“It’s a quandary for us,” Hart said, “because we have a duty to the public to report sightings, particularly if they rise to a dangerous level. None of the behavior has been especially dangerous. But the presence of a mountain lion in a residential area is cause for concern.”

This past week the Game and Fish Department received multiple reports of lion sightings in Sabino Canyon, according to Hart.

Hart also said 9 bear sightings have been reported in the Santa Catalina Mountains since May 21. Via

Speaking of the authorities… we can’t be thankful enough for the great work performed by some of the best here locally in stopping what could have been yet another horrific headline.  While it’s tragic that anyone, especially such a young person, would feel the need to act so violently, the fact that a bigger tragedy was averted is great news.  Hats off to all of law enforcement involoved in stopping this mad man.

Arizona Man Accused of Planning Terrorism Targeting Government Buildings

An FBI task force on Friday arrested a Tucson man on terrorism related offenses involving a conspiracy targeting government buildings in two cities in Arizona, authorities said.

The allegations involve conspiring to commit acts of terrorism on government buildings in Phoenix and Tucson, Attorney General’s Office spokesperson Mia Garcia said.

Authorities told NBC News the arrest and allegations are not related to the Independence Day weekend, and the timing of the arrest was coincidence. There are no outstanding suspects. read more at

Stay safe out there Tucson – on all fronts.

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Sorting It Out After the Storm

Wow, that was a doozy of a storm we had, eh?  And just a few days ago we were talking about the crazy, record breaking heat.  Boy, if this start to the summer is any indication of what’s to come (especially since we often don’t feel like summer really starts until the beginning of July), we’re in for quite a ride this year!  Just driving around town this morning the evidence of how powerful that monsoon was could be seen everywhere.

Tucson crews clearing roadways after damaging storms

City of Tucson transportation crews were out Monday, June 27, cleaning up after damaging storms struck over the weekend.

According to Shawn Moore with the Tucson Department of Transportation, some crews were out until 4 a.m. with many of them reporting back early in the morning to resume clean up operations.

Moore says crews had up to 15 sites to visit Monday, and clean-up is expected to take a couple days.

Hanz Villegas with Guaranteed Landscaping advises homeowners to trim heavy branches off their trees, and make sure the tree is balanced. He said continue to water deep allowing the roots to grow strong. read more at

Speaking of water in Tucson, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that we’ll be able to watch one of our own competing soon in the Olympics.  Go get ’em Marcus!

No handicap: Deaf swimmer Marcus Titus on cusp of qualifying for Olympics

Deaf since birth, Titus swims in a quiet isolation that he believes actually gives him an edge over those in the other lanes, who can hear everything going on around them.

Now, Titus is on the cusp of his first Olympics.

He qualified for Tuesday’s final of the 100-meter breaststroke at the U.S. Swimming Trials. If he can finish in the top two, he’ll be headed to Rio, no doubt serving as an inspiration to others with so-called disabilities.

“I just felt really awesome,” Titus said after the semifinals Monday night, speaking as well as communicating with sign language. “I know I can get on the Olympic team.”

A native of Tucson, Arizona, Titus didn’t start swimming competitively until his freshman year of high school, but he never let his disability stand in the way. Via

And while we’re waiting for the Olympics to arrive, why not cheer on some other stellar Tucson athletes with the University of Arizona Wildcats baseball team making it to the finals of the College World Series in Omaha.  Gooo Cats!

JC Cloney to start for Arizona in Game 1 of College World Series finals

Game in TucsonOMAHA, Neb. – Junior left-hander JC Cloney will start for Arizona in Game 1 of the best-of-three College World Series finals against Coastal Carolina. First pitch is scheduled for a little after 4 p.m., Tucson time. The game will air live on ESPN.

Cloney started and earned the victory in the first of three consecutive CWS elimination games Wednesday. Cloney pitched seven shutout innings in a 3-0 victory over UC Santa Barbara. He threw 95 pitches. Arizona’s No. 2 starter for most of the season, Cloney has a 7-4 record and a 2.66 ERA.

Cloney will face sophomore right-hander Zack Hopeck. Hopeck is 3-3 with a 3.81 ERA. He has made 15 appearances this season, including nine starts. He has allowed 41 hits in 49 2/3 innings with 11 walks and 34 strikeouts. read more at


Images from,,

Tucson – Big Heat, Small Apartments

We got through that super hot streak, left now to deal with just simply really hot weather for the foreseeable future.  Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a bit of rain to chill us down a little.

While the temps were crazy high, it turns out that something else in Tucson is relatively crazy low… the average square footage of rental apartment units (compared to other cities across the US, Tucson has the smallest average studios and one bedrooms).

Surprise: Cities With the Biggest—and Smallest—Apartments an age where soaring housing prices and the urge to downsize are giving juice to the tiny-house movement, it isn’t surprising that rental units across the U.S. are getting even smaller. Maybe it’s a sign to finally purge those dusty shoes and record collections taking up valuable space?

The average size of a brand-new apartment is 8% smaller this year, at 934 square feet, than it was in 2006, according to a recent report from

The smallest units overall are in Tucson, AZ, a city not far from the Mexican border. Studios are a mere 398 square feet, while one-bedrooms are a cramped 595 square feet and two-bedrooms are just 907 square feet. Via

Maybe that’s why we’re seeing more interest in garage conversions…  who knows?

And speaking of small things, but big problems, Tucson is also in the new for helping to try and sort out what has been going on with declines in honey bees in recent years.  This is something that would affect all of us far beyond just honey production, so it’s nothing to sneeze at.

Science detectives investigate a ‘mitey’ big problem

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists are hot on the trail of a honey bee killer, and their detective work has taken them from hives in Tucson, Arizona, to those in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Instead of cordoning off the sites with crime-scene tape, the scientists are blocking access to the hives using cut lengths of PVC pipe with a slit about midway down. There, a sliding wire-mesh door separates incoming bees from outgoing ones.

None of the busy little winged bearers of pollen and nectar will get by without inspection-and for good reason: the researchers suspect the bees are physically harboring their target: an oval-shaped, pinhead-sized parasite called the Varroa mite.

The team’s investigations in Bismarck this June are actually a follow-up study to the one they completed last year at two Arizona sites. Findings from that study suggest that bees can bolster their hives’ existing mite population by carrying in Varroas from other colonies-an influx that most often occurs in the fall, especially November. read more at

Just a couple of interesting stories that relate to what makes Tucson so cool while still being so hot.


Graduations in Tucson

tucson.comThose of us here at Discount Garage Door Company would like to take a moment to congratulate all the new graduates around Tucson, no matter what level you’re moving on to from here.  We love learning and it’s a never ending process for us.

And with that, we would like to share a little graduation speech we came across that was both impressive and made us laugh, which, considering it was based around current politics, was rather surprising.  The wonderful thing here (in my opinion), is not only the talent of this young man, but the fact that he was able to genuinely thank his teachers while entertaining the crowd and keeping the politics “non-political”.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Middle schooler impersonates politicians in graduation speech

(CNN) – Lots of professionals are getting laughs impersonating the presidential candidates, but they’re no match for an Illinois eighth-grader who went on a campaign speech-style riff during Thomas Middle School’s graduation.

He may not have the polish of a professional impersonator, but 14-year-old Jack Aiello gave a hugely popular graduation speech at the suburban Chicago school, riffing on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. read more at

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