While we here in Tucson enjoy beautiful weather much of the year while friends and family in other areas are suffering, it seems that now is about the time that the tables are turned and no one is interested in coming to visit us here in Southern Arizona!  It’s been hot, eh?

With the onset of summer, many people turn their attention to taking care of some of those ‘things’ they’ve been putting off until we had a bit more time – like creating that home office in the garage.  Well, if that’s on your list of things to do (or consider doing), you want to make sure you’ll be able to be comfortable in that garage/office.  That means not only having adequate cooling set up, but also making sure your garage door is properly insulated and sealing to keep the heat out and the cool in, as much as possible.

A well insulated garage can make a very nice office space.

Using Your Garage for Business

When you operate a business from home you save not only the expense of renting an office, but also tax dollars.

Provided you meet specific requirements, you can deduct at least a portion of the cost of utilities, rent, depreciation, home insurance, and repairs in addition to your regular business expenses. Many people believe that such tax deductions are only available for rooms within the home, but there are viable alternatives, like working from a separate space such as a garage, workshop, or home studio. Originally posted on garaga.com

Especially when we’re dealing with the kind of weather we’re seeing these days in southern Arizona…

Tucson ties heat record; worst yet to come

Tucson’s high Friday tied a record at 107 degrees. Don’t ask about what the expected highs are for Saturday and Sunday.

In fact, Tucson officially hit 100 degrees Friday — the second day in a row — reaching it at 10:58 a.m. at the airport, according to a National Weather Service tweet.

It gets worse: Weekend temperatures will leap up another few degrees, expected to top out at 111 degrees Saturday and Sunday.

Excessive heat warnings are in place. Tucson ties heat record; worst yet to come | Local news | tucson.com



If you’re having issues with your garage door in this heat, give Discount Garage Door a call and we’ll make sure to come out and get things working for you again right away!  (520) 579-9084

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