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Discount Door Service cares about your health. Please know that we are using every precaution to keep you and our employees safe. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We will make exceptions to limit human contact. You do not have to have close contact with us. We are a local company and we appreciate your business. We know getting stuck in your garage right now may be a challenge. We are responding quickly and safely. All safety requests are being implemented to help serve you and keep you safe. 


If you’re having problems with your garage door, A question that you may be asking yourself is:

Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

Don’t let what may seem like a simple door fool you.  If you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the proper tools and experience, trying to perform garage door repair yourself can be a big mistake.

You may be thinking, “A garage door just goes up and down… how complicated could it be, right?”  Wrong.  While your garage door may look simple, it actually has hundreds of moving parts and can weigh hundreds of pounds, so if something goes wrong… it can go badly wrong in a hurry.

Add to that the fact that the most common issue when your garage door suddenly won’t open anymore is that there is a broken garage door spring, and you could really be opening up a can of worms as far as trying to do a Do-It-Yourself repair.  And don’t just take our word for it because we “sell garage door repair services”. Check out what this neutral, 3rd party site, “The Spruce” had to say about it:

When you move into the realm of torsion spring doors, you can cause yourself significant injuries if you’re not paying close attention as you work.

Garage door springs are the “muscle” that lift and lower your door in a controlled manner.  Many people see the garage door opener ‘working’ and mistakenly think that it is doing all the work.  Actually, it is the heavy duty, tightly wound metal garage door springs that do all the heavy lifting.

a balanced garage door spring works like a see-saw or teeter totterThink of two equally sized kids on a teeter-totter and you are the “motor” responsible for making them go up and down. Your work is easy as long as there is a kid on either side and they are the same weight.  If one kid gets off, or there is a big size difference between the two, your work will become tiring.

The garage door spring (or springs) get wound up to off-set the weight of the garage door.  If you imagine a door weighing several hundred pounds, you get an idea of how heavy-duty and tightly wound these springs have to be to keep the door balanced, and how much energy are stored in them. You can probably also imagine what would happen if all that energy were to be released unexpectedly or in an uncontrolled manner, with any part of your body nearby.

This kind of danger is why it is not recommended to try to repair garage door springs yourself.

2 broken garage door springs

When you have the right springs for your door, your door is ‘balanced’, meaning if you position it half-way between fully opened and fully closed, it should stay right there.  It should not pull itself open and it should not fall to the ground.

What’s more is that it’s not only a question of installing a garage door spring safely and properly, it’s also about installing the proper spring or springs for your specific door.  If you think about it, not all garage doors are the same width or height, and not all are built of the same material. Therefore you can’t expect there to be a single garage door spring to put on your door.

Let’s go back to the teeter-totter example for a moment.  Imagine if you were told that the teeter-totter wasn’t going up and down very easily any more because there was only one kid on one side, and could you please get a replacement kid for the other side to make it work right?  Without knowing what size (weight) kid you needed, there’s very little chance that you would randomly pick the perfectly weighted child to offset the first one.

The same is true for a garage door spring. You need to understand exactly what will be needed to lift the specific door in question, taking in a number of variables.  Then when you understand that springs come in different lengths, made of steel wire of different weights, and that some garage doors need one spring while others need two… you can see that it quickly becomes a challenge to make sure you are getting exactly what you need for your door to be balanced and work properly.

The fact that there are also ‘left wound springs’ and ‘right wound springs’ is something that we won’t even get into here and now, other than to say that if you don’t get those things right, your door will not open and close for you.  So please, make sure you get that part right.

If this is all starting to sound a bit overwhelming, we have good news for you.  There’s no reason for you to go through all the stress, confusion and risk yourself!  Instead, simply give Discount Door Service a call and we’ll have one of our friendly, professional garage door techs come out and take care of it for you, usually within 24 hours of calling us – often within a few hours.

How do I fix my garage door?

So when you consider your options – carefully researching what your specific door needs and how to replace a garage door spring, making sure you order the proper springs and tools to do the job right, making sure you do things in the proper order to make sure everything and everyone remains safe, and hoping upon hope that you get it right the first time… Versus simply calling the professionals at Discount Door Service and having it done by this time tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that it’s been done right…  Is there really a question at all as to which way you should go?

Call Discount Door Service today at (520) 579-9084 – we’re here and ready to help you with all your garage door repairs around Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana and Vail.

Does a new garage door increase home value?Garage doors allow you entry and access to the interior parking space of your home. But, since garage doors are mechanical devices, they’re susceptible to damages and malfunctions. There are several components to any garage door, all of which are prone to wear over time.

When your garage door begins to decline functionality and operation, there will be several signs. Commonly, the first thing you’ll notice is a decrease in the power of your garage doors. Most garage doors use a pulley system to achieve the opening/closing function you desire.

Another common problem people face is their garage doors coming off the tracks. This is a sign that your garage door is out of alignment. These are just some of the main reasons one would consider replacing their garage door. You may also choose to replace your garage door for aesthetic purposes.

If you do, you’d be interested to know that replacing your garage door can add value to your home. To learn more, continue reading.

Does a new garage door increase home value?

While it may be surprising, garage doors are rated as one of the top home improvement you can do to increase property value in 2020. Depending on your home’s layout, your garage door could be a centerpiece for your exterior property aesthetic. So, replacing or upgrading your existing one can make a huge difference.

According to a recent study by REMODELING magazine, replacing your garage door can give as much as a 98% return on your investment. Most experienced realtors and real estate agents also agree with these findings. You have to remember when a buyer is looking at your home, presentation is everything.

It may not make a difference to you, but, replacing your garage doors could mean all the difference for a buyer. New garage doors increase the perceived value of your home. Thus, resulting in a higher selling price overall. So, if you plan on selling your home soon, it’s well worth it to replace your garage door.

Replacing a garage door is relatively straightforward if you know what to do. With no prior experience, you should never attempt to replace yourself. Always hire a professional garage door replacement provider like Discount Door Service to help you.

Best advice for installing new garage doors from Discount Door Service

To ensure you get the results you desire, you need to hire a reputable garage door replacement company. Since there are many local providers to choose from in any given area, it requires some research. First, you need to find a provider who can get the garage door you want.

Next, compare the reviews of all the local companies you’re interested in. Doing so allows you to find the right garage door replacement provider who can help you. Once you look at all reviews, you’ll be able to make an educated decision.

Experienced service providers like Discount Door Service will help you through the entire replacement process.

People Also Ask

Q: How much value does a new garage add?
A: on average, a new garage door adds about 81% of its total cost to your home’s value. If your new garage door costs $1,000, you should expect it to add about $800 to the value of your home.

Q: How often should a garage door be replaced?
A: It all depends on the frequency of use and maintenance schedule. But, on average, garage doors last about 8-12 years. After that period, consider replacing yours.

Q: Should the garage be insulated?
A: the choice is up to you; while not required, insulating your garage can save money on monthly energy expenses.

Understanding the answer to, does a new garage door increase home value?

We’ve covered all of the critical facts and information you need to know about finding the right assistance to help you replace your garage door. Use this article to ensure you get the results you want when replacing your garage door. Contact Discount Door Services today to schedule repairs.

Those of us that live here in Tucson already know that Tucson is great… most of the time.  But when the heat comes, it comes hot and heavy!  And we’re about to get some of that beyond what even we are used to.

120 Degrees! Western Wildfires Explode With Triple-Digit Heat Wave on the Way

WildfiresIf you live in Arizona, California or Nevada, watch out for temperatures as high as 120 degrees in the next few days.

Excessive heat warnings are in effect beginning this weekend until as late as next Wednesday for the southern half of Arizona, much of Southern California and a tiny slice at the southernmost tip of Nevada.

Cities in the mercury-popping warning area include Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona; Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim and Palm Springs in California; and Las Vegas — just in time for the arrival of as many as 200,000 music lovers for the annual Electric Daisy dance music festival this weekend. read more at

The thing is, despite these momentary spells of extraordinary heat, Southern Arizona is a great place to live.  And the word is getting out more now than ever…

Tucson makes top 10 of ‘worktirement’ cities

With more and more seniors staying in the job market later, Tucson comes in at No. 9 on the best “worktirement” cities in America.

SmartAsset, a financial services company, ranked communities based on several factors, including average effective tax rate, number of seniors, median housing costs and senior unemployment rate.

Tucson was the second city in the Southwest. Las Vegas is ranked No. 4. Fort Lauderdale tops the list. Check out the full list here. read more at

One of the things we love is that even when it gets this crazy hot here, there are always a variety of things that you can find to do to entertain yourself, you just have to plan accordingly.  For instance, if you need something in the middle of the day, do it inside, like a great, new release movie “Finding Dory”.

‘Finding Dory’ swims into theaters Friday

(CNN) Starting Friday, everyone’s favorite forgetful fish is back in “Finding Dory,” the sequel to the 2003 hit “Finding Nemo.”

Dory, Marlin and Nemo are leaving the reef for another memorable journey. Despite her short-term memory loss, Dory suddenly recalls her childhood memories of her parents, and the trio sets off to California to find them. See more…

If you want to head out at night and the bar scene isn’t your thing, we’ve got good news this weekend…

Get Ready For Bloom Night

Every summer thousands of Tucsonans visit the gardens at Tohono Chul to catch a glimpse of the majesty and beauty of the Queen of the Night, the night-blooming cereus Peniocereus greggii. When the summer heat begins to build, the buds of the Sonoran Desert native night-blooming cereus begin to appear. After a period of start-and-stop growth, the buds blossom in a mass blooming on one night.

Bloom Night guests will experience the magnificent Peniocereus greggii in its full glory with luminaria illuminated trails leading to each plant, delectable bites and refreshments from The Garden Bistro, lectures, and the chance to win or purchase a Queen of the Night. Marvel at the gorgeous flowers and breathe in the intense and intoxicating scent at this one-of-a-kind event found nowhere else. Via


Images credit,,

We had our turn, and we wish it would have stopped here in Tucson.  Unfortunately, Orlando, FL is now dealing with the devastation of an insane mass shooting and killing of innocent people.  Not surprisingly, Tucson’s residents wanted to do what they could to help support the victims of this horrendous act of terrorism.  However, despite the best of intentions, sometimes things just aren’t quite as easy as we would like them to be.

Confusion among Tucson blood donors after Orlando attack

The American Red Cross is clearing up confusion for blood donors in Tucson who wish to assist the Orlando terror attack victims.  Volunteers say they saw a lot of walk-in donors Sunday as people were interested in contributing blood following the mass shooting in Florida.

Spokeswoman Tammy Kikuchi Nakamura tells Tucson News Now the priority is local first, meaning donations at local blood banks are used to fulfill local need.

Surplus donations are then sent to the next area of priority. There is no way for donors to know where their blood will be sent, but the American Red Cross uses a tracking system. If a donor provides an email address at the time of donating, they will receive an email identifying their blood type and informing the donor where their donation was used. read more at

Tucsonans also showed their support by turning out for a vigil on 4th Ave, showing love will overcome hate

Only a little over a week ago, Arizona had a different kind of news story that caught my attention (I only caught the story, and not the actual event).

VIDEO: A Small Asteroid Lit the Arizona Night Sky

An asteroid unexpectedly lighted the quiet Arizona night sky last June 2. The fireball has strong flares, which illuminated the night sky. The sky nighttime sky turned into day for less than a minute due to the asteroid.

The residents caught the celestial event on video, seeing the asteroid approximately 5-feet (1-2 meters). Experts say that the rock collided with Earth’s atmosphere, creating a fireball capable of illuminating the sky. The fireball was so bright that the NASA’s meteor cameras were overpowered by the light of the asteroid according to a report by VIDEO: A Small Asteroid Lit the Arizona Night Sky : News : Nature World News


In my mind, these two stories happened out of sequence, and the light seen in the sky should have been traveling UP from Orlando, not down over Arizona.  In fact, in my mind, there was something(s) far more brilliant than that asteroid which rose up into the sky over Orlando the other night.  It wasn’t supposed to be there yet… but nonetheless, it was. I’m certain each of those lights was unbelievably brilliant, and with each of them, a bit of all of our hearts go along for the ride.

While we here in Tucson enjoy beautiful weather much of the year while friends and family in other areas are suffering, it seems that now is about the time that the tables are turned and no one is interested in coming to visit us here in Southern Arizona!  It’s been hot, eh?

With the onset of summer, many people turn their attention to taking care of some of those ‘things’ they’ve been putting off until we had a bit more time – like creating that home office in the garage.  Well, if that’s on your list of things to do (or consider doing), you want to make sure you’ll be able to be comfortable in that garage/office.  That means not only having adequate cooling set up, but also making sure your garage door is properly insulated and sealing to keep the heat out and the cool in, as much as possible.
A well insulated garage can make a very nice office space.

Using Your Garage for Business

When you operate a business from home you save not only the expense of renting an office, but also tax dollars.

Provided you meet specific requirements, you can deduct at least a portion of the cost of utilities, rent, depreciation, home insurance, and repairs in addition to your regular business expenses. Many people believe that such tax deductions are only available for rooms within the home, but there are viable alternatives, like working from a separate space such as a garage, workshop, or home studio. Originally posted on

Especially when we’re dealing with the kind of weather we’re seeing these days in southern Arizona…

Tucson ties heat record; worst yet to come

Tucson’s high Friday tied a record at 107 degrees. Don’t ask about what the expected highs are for Saturday and Sunday.

In fact, Tucson officially hit 100 degrees Friday — the second day in a row — reaching it at 10:58 a.m. at the airport, according to a National Weather Service tweet.

It gets worse: Weekend temperatures will leap up another few degrees, expected to top out at 111 degrees Saturday and Sunday.

Excessive heat warnings are in place. Tucson ties heat record; worst yet to come | Local news |

If you’re having issues with your garage door in this heat, give Discount Garage Door a call and we’ll make sure to come out and get things working for you again right away!  (520) 579-9084

Image from

Safety and security are always our top priority when it comes to garage door installations and repairs.  Not only for us as we work on your home or business, but making sure everything is working properly for you to keep you, your home and personal property safe and secure.  That’s why we were glad to see the following from LiftMaster, one of the top garage door manufacturers that we are proud to work with.

For home and business owners, safety and accessibility are a main priority, particularly as it pertains to entry and exit points. Unfortunately, millions of homes and businesses are at risk, with 1 in 15 garages and 3 out of 4 gate systems lacking the latest safety features that ensure protection for everyone who comes into contact with garage door openers or automatic gates.

For National Safety Month, LiftMaster – the number one manufacturer of professionally installed garage door openers and access solutions – is raising awareness on the importance of safety around automatic gates and garages, and recommends residents and business owners pay attention to the following:

Don’t Chance It. Check It.®: For more than 70 percent of homeowners, the garage is the main access point which makes it vital that garage door openers function safely and properly. “At LiftMaster, safety is our top priority,” said John Villanueva, Vice President of marketing at LiftMaster. “To help those at home ensure their operators are working as they should, we developed a simple 3-Step Safety Check that can be done in a matter of minutes and should be conducted throughout the year when checking other home safety devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.” Homeowners can use LiftMaster’s simple 3-Step Safety Check to monitor the performance of key industry-standard safety features such as photo eyes and auto-reverse. If a garage door opener fails any step of the check, a professional garage door dealer should be contacted to resolve the issue. Via

In other news that we came across and thought worthy of mentioning, especially during this time of year when you may be tempted to clean out the garage and hold a garage sale, is being careful with your property. It seems crazy, but in some places it seems that thieves are actually targeting super inexpensive garage sale items, as was reported in this story out of Denver:

Garage Sale Crime

garage saleSummer is the season for garage sales, and you can find plenty of steals. But in an Aurora community, neighbors are now warning others their stuff is being stolen.

“On our neighborhood app, one lady last week said she had some purses stolen,” said Mindi Phipps, who was holding a garage sale at her home Friday morning. “Somebody else had some chairs stolen. It’s crazy. Things are so cheap in the first place, it’s kind of like, why even bother?”

I guess it just goes to show that low-lifes will stop at nothing… so keep your eyes peeled and don’t turn your back on your yard sale items, Tucson!  We’ll make sure that what you have in your garage on a daily basis stays safe and accessible with a properly working garage door.  But if you are having any issues with yours, don’t hesitate to call us at Discount Garage Door Company. We’ll make sure things get fixed right, fast and at a fair price.