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Common Myths About Garage Door Repair

While many homeowners try to save money by doing their own home repairs, they often end up costing themselves more in the long run. Needing Tucson garage door service isn't the same as having a clogged toilet or leaky faucet, which are easy fixes that anyone can do with minimal experience and supplies. Some jobs like garage door repair require a professional for safety reasons because it’s not just about fixing an issue; you need someone who knows how to make sure everything is working properly so no other issues arise later on down the line. That's where help from Discount Doors comes in!

Most people think garage door repair is easy, but it can be not only difficult, but actually quite dangerous for someone unfamiliar with the proper steps and tools to do it correctly.

We want to share some common misconceptions about garage door repair, so you can avoid making the same mistakes.

a DIY garage door repair gone bad

Fixing a Garage Door Can't Be That Difficult

The first mistake most people make when addressing a garage door that isn't working properly is underestimating how complicated these things are. It's not as simple as just adding more oil to your car engine; there have been instances where homeowners completely tore apart an entire system only to find out that they didn't even need any repairs in the first place!

There's a recurring misconception that people think they can just fix these things themselves with a little effort and some elbow grease. While it is possible for an experienced professional to perform a variety of repairs fairly quickly, most people in the garage door repair field will tell you that it takes a lot of expert guidance and training, and the proper tools, to get everything done right.

There are many myths about what can cause problems with your garage doors which make things even more complicated. For example, some people think that the garage door opener is the main thing that makes your doors open and close; however, they actually operate on a pulley system attached to some very heavy-duty springs.

the many parts of a garage door

Garage doors may appear simple, but they are actually somewhat complicated—not only are they heavy, they have many parts that all have to work together in a specific way. For this reason, it is usually best for people to leave these repairs up to the professionals.

Replacing a roller or safety sensor may be easy, but you might need a technician if you are having problems with your springs, cables, or torsion springs.

It is also important to not put too much stress on the garage door opener because it can start to wear down and become ineffective in just a few years instead of giving you the 10 to 15 years or more of effective use you should be able to get from it.

Warning Signs of Needed Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors often give cues before failing—they may start to make a loud, ominous noise or they might give us an indication that there is something wrong by opening or closing slower than usual.

Garage doors are amongst the most dangerous household items, with more amputated fingers and blinded eyes than any other. While people may think that cutting power to the garage door opener will keep them safe, a circuit breaker will not protect you from injury arising from a broken spring, cable or hinge. This is why it's so crucial to have your garage door serviced regularly to ensure it remains safe for use.

My Garage Door is Just Making Noise - I Can Fix That

Sometimes a bit of lube will work wonders. If you have a garage door that is making loud noises, make sure to check the hinge pins for anything that may be clogging it up or preventing smooth movement of the metal on metal contact point.

If your door seems fine but still makes noise, try lubricating all moving parts and replacing any worn-out rollers with new ones. Replacing rollers is a quick and easy job for an experienced technician, but doing it improperly - especially for the trickier rollers on the bottom and top of each side of the door - you could end up causing more problems than solutions.

Other times this type of racket can be caused by worn-out bearings and other parts that are in need of replacement. Replacing a center bearing requires a complete unwinding of the springs, removal of the cables and dismantling of the end bearings... then putting them all back together properly with just the right tension on those massive garage door springs. Not really the 'simplest' of DIY projects.

And if it's time for a new garage door opener, making sure you have qualified service technicians doing the installation for you means you can rest assured it will work the way it is intended, for as long as possible.

It Costs Too Much to Call for Professional Garage Door Repair

Is it worth the risk of serious injury and pain to save a few dollars on garage door repair? Or to struggle trying to figure it out, without the proper tools, when these common garage door problems are things that we deal with every day, and can have your garage door working again for you quickly, with no sweat on your part!

winding a torsion spring on a garage door in Tucson

Discount Door Service depends on happy customers sharing their experiences with others, so the last thing we want to do is over charge and make customers feel like they didn't get good value. You can read our many reviews to see how many people were pleasantly surprised by the fact that the garage door repair cost was actually less than they expected.

A Safe Job is a Job Well Done

Make sure your garage door is working properly without risking life and limb just to save a few dollars. Let an expert, locally owned garage door company do the work for you.

I Don't Need to Replace Both Garage Door Springs - Only One is Broken

Pairing a new spring with an old one is likely to cause more problems than it solves. The springs work together, so a new spring will be stiffer than the old one. Imbalanced springs will weaken each other and eventually one or both will break down again in a short time.

When Two is Less Than One

While two springs costs more than one, getting them both replaced in a single visit costs less than having us come out again for another service call.

Also, because springs need to be unwound to make repairs, re-winding an old spring would put our technician in unnecessary danger. We do everything we can to keep you, and our crew, safe at all times.

If you're going to replace a broken spring make sure you get two new ones for safety's sake.

Are You Just Going to Try to Sell Me a New Garage Door?

As a reputable garage door service company, we know that a new garage door should easily last 25 to 30 years or more, but that it can be bigger cost than many people are comfortable paying at once, especially if their garage door just suddenly stopped working. A new door also requires multiple trips to the home to measure, and then install the new door, taking up a fair amount of time.

On the other hand, repairs can often be done quickly and without a lot of hassle, and at a much lower price. We can fix the garage door’s broken springs, broken cable or rollers and the door will work good as new again.

We also offer a wide range of products for replacement parts, such as new motors and remote controls which we install quickly.

Why Call Discount Door Service? Because New Garage Doors Are an Option, Not a Goal

So while Discount Door Service does offer new garage doors as an option for our customers, it's not our goal to sell you one. Our goal is to give you what you want - which is often simply fixing a garage door so it works again, and will continue to work for years to come.

We want to know that when we provide fast, on-target repairs at a good price, people will be eager tell others about us, and recommend Discount Door Service as the go-to locally owned company for same day service for garage door repair services, broken spring replacement, garage door openers, maintenance and other common repairs.

Do you need a new garage door spring? If so, you may be wondering how much it will cost.

The truth is that there are many factors to consider when determining the price of your garage door spring replacement. This article will help you understand why you may not want to simply look for the price of a spring replacement someplace like Amazon without taking everything into account.

If you want to jump to what a garage door spring replacement typically costs, without reading all the useful information we carefully put together for you here... we understand. Just click here.

Repairing broken garage door springs

And if you need a garage door spring replaced in Tucson or surrounding areas, just give us a call and we'll be glad to send one of our technicians out to you as soon as possible.

How do I know if the garage door springs are defective?

In most cases if your garage door won't open, or opens part of the way then shuts, one of the torsion springs has broken.

First and foremost, you have to make sure that the springs on your garage doors are actually broken. There are other issues that may cause your garage door to not work properly. Sometimes it's even possible that an adjustment to your garage door spring can help make your door work better, without actually needing to replace your garage door spring.

Secondly, if your garage door spring is indeed broken, there are several types of spring systems that are used on garage doors (the most common being torsion springs, but there are also extension springs and TorqueMaster "internal spring systems")--what you have and what you want to put in place will have an impact on the price.

And finally, because this isn't something that you want to tackle yourself (because garage door springs can be very dangerous to work with), when asking about garage door spring repair costs, you need to factor in more than just the cost of an actual spring.

Keep in mind things like how quickly you can get your spring repaired, and making sure you have the right spring for your specific garage door are important so you can get the longest life out of it.

Discount Door Service - Tucson Garage Door Repair, Service and Installation

Hiring a qualified garage door repair tech to make sure all the other critical parts of your garage door are in safe working order is important, too. For example you don't want to have frayed garage door cables or worn out center bearings or broken rollers, as they will certainly lead to problems in the future.

When you consider the fact that your garage door is probably the hardest working and most important door in your home, cutting corners on something as vital as the spring that keeps it working properly and safely is never a good idea.

How will I know if my garage door spring breaks?

It's important to recognize when you have a broken garage door spring. Many people aren't even aware that their garage door uses springs as the 'muscle' to open and close the door, day in and day out, year after year. Understand that the garage door opener / motor simply moves the door up and down under control--it is the highly tensioned springs that do all the heavy lifting.

If your garage door is not opening or closing correctly (or if it's not opening at all), you probably have a problem with the spring that needs attention as soon as possible.

The Basics of How Garage Doors Open and Close

Because of its' name, many people naturally think that a "garage door opener" is responsible for opening your garage door. What they don't realize is that garage doors are heavy, and the motor on an opener could never do its job without the help of the torsion springs. If you've ever manually opened or closed a garage door with proper springs, you'll see that it is almost weightless and effortless to move, because the springs are doing all the work. Try again with the same door with broken springs... and you'll experience something very different!

common torsion srping found on our trucks

A common torsion spring found on our service trucks

A garage door is pulled open by the torsion springs and pushed closed by gravity. The door's weight, however, is not enough to overcome the force created by the coiled spring as it resists movement.

Hence why a broken garage door spring will have you frustratedly putting your foot in front of one end of the track while pulling with all your might on the other side... or worse yet, needing help from someone else just to get the door open at all.

The Correct Garage Door Springs Will Give You a Balanced Door

The basics of garage door springs are just that - basic. They are tightly wound coils of steel that provide the counterbalance for your garage door. When they are broken or out of balance, it can cause all sorts of havoc with opening and closing the door.

Garage door torsion springs are the main component of a garage door (depending on the size and weight of the door, you may only have a single garage door spring, while other garage doors need 2 or more).

These torsion springs provide the tension necessary to lift the heavy weight and roll the door up into its storage position. Tension in a torsion spring can be lost over time, which means that it will need to be replaced periodically. The typical life expectancy of a torsion spring can range from 7 years to as long as 20 years or more before they eventually break, depending on a variety of things such as how much it is used, weather conditions, and whether it was the appropriate spring for the job when it was installed.

But not every garage door torsion spring is equal. Just like there are options when choosing a garage door - from size to materials used, whether the door is insulated or not or if it has glass windows or not - there is no "one size fits all" approach to garage springs either. Each door must have it's proper springs in order to work properly.

When you hire qualified garage door contractors for replacing garage door springs, they will take all of these factors into consideration and make sure to select the correct spring (or springs) to give you a balanced door.

What is a balanced garage door?

A properly balanced garage door should allow you to manually open and close it easily. If left in the "half way open and half way closed" position, the door should stay in position without swinging open or closed on its own.

New Garage Door Springs Will Keep Your Garage Door Safe as Well

A properly balanced garage door should not have to be pulled very hard in order to open, even though it weighs a lot. And when closing, gravity will do its job and pull the door down when you let go. But it will do so in a controlled manner - it shouldn't come crashing to the ground.

Can you fix a broken garage door spring?

A broken residential garage door spring needs to be replaced. Springs are made to bear an immense amount of tension, and like any mechanical object, they will eventually weaken with time. When they break and we talk of a 'repair', we are talking about replacing the spring (or springs), and returning the door to normal operation.

Few homeowners are skilled in the intricacies of a garage door repair, especially when dealing with springs, and rightly so. If you don't know what you're doing, please contact a professional who is experienced in handling garage door springs. 

What kind of garage door springs do you need?

There are two basic types of spring systems used to open a garage door; torsion springs and extension springs, with torsion springs being far more common. Among the torsion spring family, there are two variations to be aware of; the more standard, coiled torsion spring that you can see exposed above the top of your garage door, and the TorqueMaster.

What is a torsion spring?

With torsion springs, this pressure is created by the springs being tightly coiled and compressed, usually by a metal cable drum that tightens the spring as the door is lowered.

A garage door has one to four springs. The number of springs depends on the size, weight, and strength of the door. These springs are on a metal shaft above the door. Aluminum drums are put on either side of a metal shaft. Springs are wound and set using a winding bar. On a standard residential garage door, a spring will be wound 30 "quarter turns" to get the right tension.

Standard torsion springs are generally the best choice for residential garage doors, but do not usually last for more than 15 years.

When replacing springs in old garage doors with worn out or damaged springs, it is important to ensure that you have all of the necessary tools and experience to avoid serious injury.

For residential garage door spring replacement, the most common spring types are torsion springs.

What is a TorqueMaster Spring?

The TorqueMaster is a special system that keep the springs inside of steel tube. The springs are inside the metal tube and are held in place by a winding cone that sits at the end of each torsion rods.. This is said ("marketed" as) better because it won't collect dirt and grime.

The downside is that, as a proprietary system, not every garage door repair company will have the selection of options on their truck to meet the needs of every door.

The advantage of a traditional torsion spring is that a garage door company will know the most common sizes used and stock them on their service trucks. These various sizes can be mixed-and-matched to meet the requirements of nearly any door. This means repairs can be completed in a single, initial visit most of the time, rather than needing to send the service techs back to the warehouse to get the specific TorqueMaster needed.

This is not only more convenient, but as you can imagine, it will cost less when the garage door service technician can replace your broken spring in a single visit. It will also save you money in the long run the next time you have a broken spring, because you'll be replacing just springs, whether it's one or two springs, not the entire mechanism.

If you have a broken TorqueMaster and like the idea of a traditional garage door torsion spring system, ask about torsion spring conversion kits.

What is an extension spring?

The other kind of garage door springs that some people have are called extension springs. With extension springs, the pressure is created when the springs, which run parallel to the overhead tracks, are stretched out when the door is lowered.

Extension springs are less common than torsion springs because they require more clearance space for installation . Extension springs are made up of long metal coils wrapped tightly together with one end attached to a drum inside the opener and another attached to a bracket mounted on the back edge of the top panel near where it meets the header above your garage ceiling. Extension springs have been replaced by newer technology like chain systems but still work well for some doors with lighter weight loads.

So... How much does it cost to replace spring on garage door?

If you have the work done by professionals, national figures compiled by trade organizations show an average cost of torsion spring replacement of about $250, within a range of $150 to $350.  When you get a price quote, make sure that you ask for the "complete price". Some companies may try to tack on some extra fees such as a fuel surcharge, or a disposal fee for your old springs.  Discount Door Service never does that.

Two torsion springs will always cost more than one spring. But if you have two and only one is broken, you should always replace both at the same time.

In fact, it can be both dangerous and nearly impossible to get a door properly balanced by having one new spring while the other spring is one of the pre existing springs. Plus, if one spring broke, the other probably isn't too far behind, so you'll be saving on labor costs by having them both replaced at the same time, rather than needing to request a second trip in the near future.

Reputable garage door contractors won't allow you to only replace a single garage door spring for a variety of reasons. So don't feel like they're trying to upsell you on the second spring.. they're actually looking out for you.

One caveat to that though - we're talking about two springs on the same same door, not two different garage doors. If you have more than one garage door, each with its own set of springs, they can be changed independently. You just never want two springs on the same door to be of different ages. Doing that will reduce the life expectancy of your new spring by a lot.

"If I need to replace a garage door spring, is hiring a Pro worth it?"

Garage door spring repair is probably the most common kind of garage door repair. These springs break way more readily than an automatic garage door opener, for example.

And while a broken spring is a common thing for technicians to see in the field and is quite quick and easy for them to take care of, some people mistakenly think that this would be a simple home improvement project for them to tackle themselves.

While you might well be able to replace garage door springs yourself in a weekend for $50 to $100 (if you have the right tools, like a proper winding bar and impact wrench, among others), it's not necessarily as simple and straight-forward as it might appear.

In fact, you may decide that the convenience and confidence that comes from having a pro do the work in a fraction of the time (while ensuring you don't suffer a serious injury while doing the work in the event a spring breaks on you, and that no one else will be hurt due to an amateur mistake), is well worth the extra cost.

How long do garage door springs last?

Do you know how long your garage door springs should last? It's a question that we get asked often, and the answer is not an easy one to give. The lifespan of these springs can vary greatly based on climate, frequency of use and other factors. However, if you are at all concerned about your spring's health or just want to make sure it will be in good condition for years to come then consider having them inspected by a professional once every year or two. 

We offer inspections with no obligation so there is nothing to lose! Give us call today and we'll send someone out right away!

How long will torsion springs last?

Studies have shown that extension springs are normally good for around 10,000 cycles whereas torsion springs may last up to 15,000 or even 20,000 cycles before they need to be replaced.

In our experience of maintaining and replacing garage door springs, good quality springs can be expected to last for around 7-12 years or so before they will need replacing.

Reducing Your Project Cost

For those that really want to do garage door repairs themselves to reduce the overall project cost, there are other parts of the door that might be better addressed by a non-professional (and you can still feel good about saving some money on labor costs by doing it yourself!)

Some of the more common garage door repairs you might consider rather than trying to tackle garage door spring replacement could be:


Rollers work in tandem with springs to provide the smooth application of force needed to lift a heavy object, like a garage door, up and down

Bottom seal

The bottom seal on your garage door keeps dust from coming in through the cracks between your floor and the door opening. It also prevents water from coming in when rain falls on your driveway, because the seal blocks any moisture seeping down to where your home's foundation meets with earth below. Finally, this part of an insulated garage door helps keep cold air from leaking out

Weather stripping

Weather stripping helps seal the gap between your garage door and the frame. If you notice a draft coming from around your garage door, it’s probably because of lack of weather sealing. A lot of homeowners make this mistake but don't realize that it could be costing them money on their heating bill.


The tracks are called "roller tracks" which run along the top of both side panels that make up your doors. These roller-tracks function as guides for two sets of wheels: one set on each panel, and also work as part of the system responsible for lifting and lowering your doors when opening or closing them - so if they're bent or broken, it's likely that your door will be difficult to open or close. Sometimes, if a track has been bent out of shape, you can carefully bend them back to a useful position yourself.


The hinges on a garage door don't last forever either. Over time, the metal will wear out and break. Hinges that have broken should be replaced as soon as possible as they can no longer support weight of the door and may not close properly. The process of replacing the hinge can be relatively easy, but depending on the condition of the door (and the door's material), it can require some specialized skill to get it properly secured.

Preventing Garage Door Corrosion

Regular maintenance on your garage door is essential to reduce the risk of a breakdown or malfunction, as well as extending its life. This includes greasing up all moving parts with lubricant once-a-year for optimal performance and durability. Lubricating a garage door will not only save you money in repairs but also extend the lifespan of this important home item even longer!

You need the right product, or you'll end up having problems in no time at all! Look for silicone sprays or white lithium grease when selecting your lubricant. Avoid standard degreasers (e.g., the 'normal' WD-40), mechanic's greases, and engine oils because dirt will build up on these products quickly, causing more friction and making them useless and even damaging after only a little bit of time.

That said, WD-40 does have a couple of products that are good for garage doors. They are their Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray and the Specialist Water-Resistant Silicone Lubricant.

Do You Need Professional Garage Door Repair Service in Southern AZ?

The cost to repair a garage door in Tucson depends on the problem. A garage door repair average cost to replace bad spring(s) is between $160 and $300. When other parts of the garage door need to be replaced, the price can go up. Replacement cost for a complete garage door starts around $1000.

Garage doors can be very complex mechanical devices and when they fail to work the way they should, it is often because of something very simple for a professional to diagnose and fix. Sometimes these issues can be fixed easily by calling a garage repair technician and they can walk you through it over the phone (like if a sensor is simply blocked). But if the issues are more complex and/or potentially dangerous to deal with, sending out a service technician is definitely a good idea. For local garage door repair Tucson counts on Discount Door Service.

The best thing that you can do is to see if you can fix the problem yourself before calling a repairman to come out and fix the issue. Many garage doors come with small stickers that tell you how to use the control panel and tell you what each part does. If you can't figure it out on your own, you can call a repairman who can take a look at the garage door and let you know whether he thinks that it will need a repair or not. If so, most of the time the necessary parts are right on the truck, so everything is taken care of in the same visit. 

Common Parts That Discount Door Service Carries on Every Truck

  • Springs
  • Drums
  • Cables
    • Shafts
    • Openers
    • Rails
    common torsion srping found on our trucks

    Finding The Right Garage Door Service in Tucson for Your Needs

    There are a number of different garage door repair companies in Tucson. This can make it very difficult for someone to choose one that they can trust and who they can rely on to get the job done right. You want to make sure that you do as much research into the company that you hire as you possibly can. This will help you make sure that they are good at what they do and that they won't let you down when it comes to repairing your doors. The best thing to do is to go online and research about the different repair companies in the area. Find out how long they have been in business and how good of a reputation they have.

    Make Sure the Service Company is Bonded and Insured in Tucson, AZ

    The next thing you should look at is whether or not the company has any insurance. If you are paying someone else to fix the problem then you need to make sure that they have adequate insurance. It would also be a good idea to find out if the repair service has been in business, and if so, find out what type of insurance they have. If a company does not have enough insurance then you may end up having to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket.

    Another important thing to consider is whether or not the garage door company is bonded. Most of them are and it is important that you find out if your repair service is as well. A quality, trustworthy company will also have their employees go through a background check. Knowing that all employees have passed a background check is very important because you, as a customer, need to know you can trust the people you let into your home or garage.

    Understand What the Garage Door Service Will Cost

    When choosing a company to do your garage door service in Tucson, keep in mind that some companies charge more than others for the same services. Some companies may offer a discount if the issue is their fault and they fix it for you. Other companies may try to tack on extra charges such as disposing of the parts they replace, such as broken springs or old garage door openers. Others may try to tack on a “fuel surcharge” to come to your home.  You need to be aware of all of these charges and be sure to get all charges in writing before you let the company perform the work. This is the best way to make sure that you are not left with unexpected costs.

    Not All Garage Door Techs Specialize in Repairs - They Just Install New Garage Doors

    If you need the garage door repaired quickly, then it would be wise to find a company that specializes in garage door service and repairs. Garage door companies that have a team of repair specialists can do quick door repairs in a matter of hours. They will be able to use specialized tools and have qualified technicians ready to help you with any problems that you are having with your door. Garage door companies that have regular workers who know how to work around damaged doors and can get a repair job on your door in a matter of minutes and won’t just be trying to sell you a new, replacement garage door.

    Some Technicians in Tucson Only Install New Garage Doors

    Some companies send out technicians that are only used to installing new doors, so their ability to figure out a problem and troubleshoot an issue to service garage door issues isn’t as developed as those who do specifically repair work on a regular basis.  Worse yet, some companies only send out a ‘sales person’ to give you a quote, meaning they will push hard for the sale (which is never enjoyable) and they will definitely not be getting the job done in the same trip.  This is very frustrating to customers and Discount Garage Door Service would never engage in such behavior. 

    Also, not all garage door companies in Arizona work with gates. Discount Door Service can not only create custom gates for you, we can install and repair automatic gate openers. 

    Check the History and Reputation on Past Garage Door Service in the Area

    Once you choose your Tucson area garage door repair company for your repairs, you should always remember to check out their past work. It is important to choose a repair company that has many years of experience doing door repairs because this means that they have done it thousands of times and know what works and what does not. Discount Door Service has been serving Tucson and surrounding communities in southern Arizona since 1999.

    It is also important to choose a garage door company that can give you a price estimate for the repairs or service that you need. By checking out these details and comparing them to your budget you will be able to get a good idea of what your door repair should cost you.  

    Quoting Repair Service Over the Phone

    When shopping for garage door repair, Tucson residents often ask for quotes over the phone. The thing is, it can sometimes be nearly impossible for a repair or service estimate to be accurately given over the phone without seeing and actually assessing the specific problems with a given door.  So while prices for a single spring may be quoted, your particular door might need more than just a spring, so always keep that in mind. 

    And while garage door repair specialists like the technicians at Discount Door Service can fix the vast majority of garage door problems, there are certain times when it’s just not possible, or the repair cost is too close to the cost of a complete replacement. In such cases, continued repair and service doesn't make much sense compared to replacing it with a new garage door.

    Should I repair or replace my garage door?

    This is the question that many people often ask themselves when they are faced with repairing their garages. The garage door that you have is probably the most expensive door in your home, and you would not want to spend money on a new one if it means inconveniencing your life.

    Our Specialists Know What Can Be Repaired and When a Garage Door Needs to Be Replaced

    If your garage door is beginning to show signs of trouble like springs that need to be adjusted, damaged or broken sections, or even dangerous fasteners, it may be time to replace it. It makes sense to repair rather than replace a door when it's feasible. But it's also important to know when a door needs to be retired and replaced with a new one rather than sinking more and more money into something broken.

    The first thing that you should consider when deciding if you should repair or replace your garage doors is what is wrong with it. Some problems can be fixed by simply replacing parts while others require something more drastic. For example, a worn-out spring is a simple fix, but you might also have to replace or repair some of the hardware. If you have had the same garage door for years without a problem then there is no reason to throw the thing away. However, if you had a major accident and everything needed to be replaced, you might be better off replacing your garage door all together.

    Another question that is commonly asked about garage doors and their repairs is, "Can I do it as a DIY project? Should I repair or replace my garage door myself?" There are many simple steps that can be taken to prevent the need to replace or repair your garage doors. One of the best ways to keep your garage door functioning properly is to have it regularly maintained.  Having a technician lube the appropriate areas, look over the door for signs of wear and tear, check that the door is properly balanced and do a safety test on the sensors and automatic return can save you from the unpleasant surprise of a garage door that won’t open for you.  That’s no good regardless of whether you and your car are stuck on the inside or the outside.  Our garage doors protect our homes as well as cars. Keeping them in great condition is essential.

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    So whether you have an overhead door or an automatic custom gate that uses LiftMaster or some other garage door opener brand, you want to call a residential overhead door company that services your area of southern Arizona. You want a company that offers installation and maintenance for your garage door or opener and that has plenty of great reviews. You want a company that didn't just come on the scene in the Tucson, AZ area a few months ago... There aren't that many companies in the area that tick all those boxes... but Discount Door Service does! Give us a call today!

    If you would like us to have a look at your garage door anywhere in the greater Tucson, AZ area, please complete the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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    We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

    Middle schooler impersonates politicians in graduation speech

    (CNN) – Lots of professionals are getting laughs impersonating the presidential candidates, but they’re no match for an Illinois eighth-grader who went on a campaign speech-style riff during Thomas Middle School’s graduation.

    He may not have the polish of a professional impersonator, but 14-year-old Jack Aiello gave a hugely popular graduation speech at the suburban Chicago school, riffing on Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. read more at

    If you’re having problems with your garage door, A question that you may be asking yourself is:

    Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

    Don’t let what may seem like a simple door fool you.  If you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the proper tools and experience, trying to perform garage door repair yourself can be a big mistake.

    You may be thinking, “A garage door just goes up and down… how complicated could it be, right?”  Wrong.  While your garage door may look simple, it actually has hundreds of moving parts and can weigh hundreds of pounds, so if something goes wrong… it can go badly wrong in a hurry.

    Add to that the fact that the most common issue when your garage door suddenly won’t open anymore is that there is a broken garage door spring, and you could really be opening up a can of worms as far as trying to do a Do-It-Yourself repair.  And don’t just take our word for it because we “sell garage door repair services”. Check out what this neutral, 3rd party site, “The Spruce” had to say about it:

    When you move into the realm of torsion spring doors, you can cause yourself significant injuries if you’re not paying close attention as you work.

    Garage door springs are the “muscle” that lift and lower your door in a controlled manner.  Many people see the garage door opener ‘working’ and mistakenly think that it is doing all the work.  Actually, it is the heavy duty, tightly wound metal garage door springs that do all the heavy lifting.

    a balanced garage door spring works like a see-saw or teeter totterThink of two equally sized kids on a teeter-totter and you are the “motor” responsible for making them go up and down. Your work is easy as long as there is a kid on either side and they are the same weight.  If one kid gets off, or there is a big size difference between the two, your work will become tiring.

    The garage door spring (or springs) get wound up to off-set the weight of the garage door.  If you imagine a door weighing several hundred pounds, you get an idea of how heavy-duty and tightly wound these springs have to be to keep the door balanced, and how much energy are stored in them. You can probably also imagine what would happen if all that energy were to be released unexpectedly or in an uncontrolled manner, with any part of your body nearby.

    This kind of danger is why it is not recommended to try to repair garage door springs yourself.

    2 broken garage door springs

    When you have the right springs for your door, your door is ‘balanced’, meaning if you position it half-way between fully opened and fully closed, it should stay right there.  It should not pull itself open and it should not fall to the ground.

    What’s more is that it’s not only a question of installing a garage door spring safely and properly, it’s also about installing the proper spring or springs for your specific door.  If you think about it, not all garage doors are the same width or height, and not all are built of the same material. Therefore you can’t expect there to be a single garage door spring to put on your door.

    Let’s go back to the teeter-totter example for a moment.  Imagine if you were told that the teeter-totter wasn’t going up and down very easily any more because there was only one kid on one side, and could you please get a replacement kid for the other side to make it work right?  Without knowing what size (weight) kid you needed, there’s very little chance that you would randomly pick the perfectly weighted child to offset the first one.

    The same is true for a garage door spring. You need to understand exactly what will be needed to lift the specific door in question, taking in a number of variables.  Then when you understand that springs come in different lengths, made of steel wire of different weights, and that some garage doors need one spring while others need two… you can see that it quickly becomes a challenge to make sure you are getting exactly what you need for your door to be balanced and work properly.

    The fact that there are also ‘left wound springs’ and ‘right wound springs’ is something that we won’t even get into here and now, other than to say that if you don’t get those things right, your door will not open and close for you.  So please, make sure you get that part right.

    If this is all starting to sound a bit overwhelming, we have good news for you.  There’s no reason for you to go through all the stress, confusion and risk yourself!  Instead, simply give Discount Door Service a call and we’ll have one of our friendly, professional garage door techs come out and take care of it for you, usually within 24 hours of calling us – often within a few hours.

    How do I fix my garage door?

    So when you consider your options – carefully researching what your specific door needs and how to replace a garage door spring, making sure you order the proper springs and tools to do the job right, making sure you do things in the proper order to make sure everything and everyone remains safe, and hoping upon hope that you get it right the first time… Versus simply calling the professionals at Discount Door Service and having it done by this time tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that it’s been done right…  Is there really a question at all as to which way you should go?

    Call Discount Door Service today at (520) 579-9084 – we’re here and ready to help you with all your garage door repairs around Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana and Vail.

    Does a new garage door increase home value?Garage doors allow you entry and access to the interior parking space of your home. But, since garage doors are mechanical devices, they’re susceptible to damages and malfunctions. There are several components to any garage door, all of which are prone to wear over time.

    When your garage door begins to decline functionality and operation, there will be several signs. Commonly, the first thing you’ll notice is a decrease in the power of your garage doors. Most garage doors use a pulley system to achieve the opening/closing function you desire.

    Another common problem people face is their garage doors coming off the tracks. This is a sign that your garage door is out of alignment. These are just some of the main reasons one would consider replacing their garage door. You may also choose to replace your garage door for aesthetic purposes.

    If you do, you’d be interested to know that replacing your garage door can add value to your home. To learn more, continue reading.

    Does a new garage door increase home value?

    While it may be surprising, garage doors are rated as one of the top home improvement you can do to increase property value in 2020. Depending on your home’s layout, your garage door could be a centerpiece for your exterior property aesthetic. So, replacing or upgrading your existing one can make a huge difference.

    According to a recent study by REMODELING magazine, replacing your garage door can give as much as a 98% return on your investment. Most experienced realtors and real estate agents also agree with these findings. You have to remember when a buyer is looking at your home, presentation is everything.

    It may not make a difference to you, but, replacing your garage doors could mean all the difference for a buyer. New garage doors increase the perceived value of your home. Thus, resulting in a higher selling price overall. So, if you plan on selling your home soon, it’s well worth it to replace your garage door.

    Replacing a garage door is relatively straightforward if you know what to do. With no prior experience, you should never attempt to replace yourself. Always hire a professional garage door replacement provider like Discount Door Service to help you.

    Best advice for installing new garage doors from Discount Door Service

    To ensure you get the results you desire, you need to hire a reputable garage door replacement company. Since there are many local providers to choose from in any given area, it requires some research. First, you need to find a provider who can get the garage door you want.

    Next, compare the reviews of all the local companies you’re interested in. Doing so allows you to find the right garage door replacement provider who can help you. Once you look at all reviews, you’ll be able to make an educated decision.

    Experienced service providers like Discount Door Service will help you through the entire replacement process.

    People Also Ask

    Q: How much value does a new garage add?
    A: on average, a new garage door adds about 81% of its total cost to your home’s value. If your new garage door costs $1,000, you should expect it to add about $800 to the value of your home.

    Q: How often should a garage door be replaced?
    A: It all depends on the frequency of use and maintenance schedule. But, on average, garage doors last about 8-12 years. After that period, consider replacing yours.

    Q: Should the garage be insulated?
    A: the choice is up to you; while not required, insulating your garage can save money on monthly energy expenses.

    Understanding the answer to, does a new garage door increase home value?

    We’ve covered all of the critical facts and information you need to know about finding the right assistance to help you replace your garage door. Use this article to ensure you get the results you want when replacing your garage door. Contact Discount Door Services today to schedule repairs.