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Garage Doors – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

We see all kinds of garage doors and garage door problems all the time.  But like many “niche” businesses, what we see and deal with every day is something that most people never really stop and think much about (until there is some kind of problem with it).  It’s not glamorous and our business is rarely in the spotlight.  However, we did recently come across a few articles that we enjoyed and thought others may appreciate as well.

The first story goes from “bad and ugly” to really good in no time.  It shows that neighbors can still be truly neighborly, and with all the negative news we hear all the time, it’s nice to hear of something nice for a chance (even if it did start with the typical ‘bad news’ we’re so used to…)  And for us, the fact that this heartwarming story falls into our general line of work of garage door repairs, it was particularly nice for us to see.

Neighbors, painters pitch in to wipe away garage door vandalism within hours

KEARNEY, Mo. – Police are investigating after a senior citizen couple woke up Friday morning to find their home hit by vandals. Within three hours, their neighbors and a local painting company fixed the damage for free.

“I walked outside and the whole side of the garage door and the front of the house had fresh red paint,” said Ralph King, the homeowner. “It looked like somebody just took a gallon can and flung it over everything.” Read more and see the video on the site here

While that story is truly heartwarming, the next one was something that really took my breath away.

I love great photography, and this story took a truly unexpected topic and did really incredible things with it (in my opinion).  See for yourself and let me know what you think?  Did anyone ever think of garage doors as such an inspirational art topic?

Weathered Beauty of 500 Colorful Garage Doors Withstanding the Test of Time

Lithuanian photographer Agne Gintalaite shows us that even a simple garage door can serve as the perfect muse for an entire project. Within her Beauty Remains series, the artist documents the colorful entrances that have stood intact for decades, while allowing time to leave its mark. “On a recent trip to the IKEA that has recently opened up on the edge of Vilnius, I was surprised to see a sprawling garage town nearby,” Gintalaite says. “There I stood on Prusu Street with 500 garage doors staring at me, a relic from the past inviting me to engage with a world in which there was no IKEA, no conspicuous consumption, and cars broke down. I accepted their challenge. This is how this series of photographs of garage doors was born.”  See full article at

We don’t expect many people to be as interested in garage doors as we are on a regular basis, being able to share something like this, that’s truly magnificent and about garage doors… well, it was just too good an opportunity to miss!  We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

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