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Installing a New Garage Door vs Front Door

The following is a transcription from an interesting podcast found on While reading it, keep in mind that much of what is discussed could easily be applied to your garage door as well. Meaning, upgrading your garage door can have a significant impact on the visual impression of your home, among other benefits, thereby increasing the value.

A new front door. I understand one of the most valuable upgrades you can make to your home and it never fails to surprise me that upgrading the entry door is just so potentially valuable.

Well think about it. Your door and your home’s exterior are the first thing visitors and prospective buyers see.

Not to mention most people use their front door every day although there are a lot of people who go in through the garage and they completely really forget about the front door.

Yes, that’s true but the fact that you do use your front door for the most part pretty frequently is another reason is one of the most valuable aspects of your home and adds enjoyment. And in fact Remodeling Magazine’s annual cost versus value report estimates that replacing your old door with a new steel entry door can return almost one hundred and two percent of its cost. And by the way just so you know what cost vs value is – it provides national averages for how much you can recoup under his home projects if you sell your house.

Which is interesting now you said, a steel door, is that really a good material for a front door?

Yeah, some pros of steel, it’s often the least expensive of the main door materials which are fiberglass, steel and wood at a big box store, you could get one for about four hundred dollars maybe even less and if you install it yourself and you can install yourself, that’s all the better for your return. It’s very strong in terms of being a barrier to intruders and insurance companies like that though that’s not to say fiberglass and wood aren’t strong too because they are.

Right, but how’s it to compare to durability against fiberglass and wood?

So consumer reports recently found that while steel is tough, wood and fiberglass perform better in terms of normal wear and tear.

Interesting. I think a lot of people would think that steel would be better than wood and fiberglass is something I’m interested in so let’s talk fiberglass here.

Well that’s a great material. It can mimic the look of real wood. It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. In fact you can go for years without needing paint or a stain touch up and fiberglass generally falls between steel and wood in price. So for example models hold a big box stores range from $150 to $600 to a bit more. And the cost vs. value report says a fiberglass door project could recoup about seventy two percent of its cost every sale.

And wood?

Wood doors are typically higher end and therefore usually the priciest so maybe about five hundred to two thousand dollars and of course custom jobs could cost even more. You might need to repaint or refinish them every few years to prevent splitting and warping.

Alright, let’s talk a little pop psychology here. What do doors say about you?

OK we’ll start with the red door. I have always been attracted to red doors. So what do you think a red door would say about you?

That I’m walking into a famous chain of makeup stores.

But that’s partly true. In FengShui, a red door says welcome and invites good energy, so someone with a red door might be energetic, full of life and hospitable.
OK, what about a clear glass door?

You have nothing to hide. So it implies you’re open minded, you’re friendly, gregarious.
Yeah, I may be not afraid to greet the delivery guy in a robe or pajamas.

Perhaps, perhaps.

Yeah, okay, what about a dignified gray?

Well you nailed it. So color experts have to say that gray symbolizes dignity and knowledge and because it’s a blend of black and white, gray is also the color of compromise and speaking of black, that’s a really strong color. It signify strength and authority according to color experts.

You can hear this and other interesting podcasts on the website.

image credit: jmayzurk on flickr

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