The Tucson Weekly reported on Friday that Acacia restaurant will be closing it’s doors forever in less than a week.  This was definitely sad news to us here at Discount Garage Door because we’ve enjoyed Chef Hall’s product for many years and we always hate to see a good, local Tucson business have to shut down.

So even though we aim to make sure all of our customers’ (garage) doors open and close properly, we truly hate to see these doors closing on such a permanent basis.  We sincerely wish Chef Hall all the best going forward. Whatever direction he chooses to go, we’re sure he’ll be appreciated and enjoy the sweet taste of success again – and hope that he’ll choose to stay here in Tucso.

As Acacia Prepares to Shutter, Chef Albert Hall Looks to the Viability of Fine Dining in Tucson | The Range: The Tucson Weekly’s Daily Dispatch | Tucson Weekly

Albert HallIt seems no matter where you look, fine dining restaurateurs are tweaking the typical protocol in order to find a system that works across the board: a good quality to price ratio for guests, a fair wage and sane hours for employees and a workable amount of cash leftover for the owner. It might sound simple just to list those three things, but achieving them, especially in a town like Tucson where the median household income is about $5,000 less per year than the rest of the state and about $10,000 less than that of the U.S. as a whole, is another story entirely. At 60 years old, he’s been in kitchens for 45 years and has seen some dramatic shifts—particularly in the last 11 years while his fine dining restaurant Acacia was in business. read more at

As you can see by the coverage, it’s not just that this was one of my favorite places to eat, but it was news worthy enough to be covered by a variety of local Tucson news agencies.  I’m sure they’re all as sad as I am to report on this news.

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