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Tucson – Surviving The Summer

OK, we know it’s hot here in the summer time. But these days there’s even more to be on the lookout for as far as surviving in Tucson this summer. Fortunately for us, between some common sense, being careful and having some top-notch law enforcement, we should all make it through just fine.

Whether it’s weather, natural predators or un-natural predators, Tucson is seeing its’ fair share of action already this summer…

Woman kayaks through Tucson streets

When life gives you water, kayak through it

Friday afternoon, Tucson saw a record amount of rain, and since the streets flood when it barely sprinkles, you knew there were going to be some epic things to come out of it. Exhibit one is what the Stone underpass looked like (lol at the person who tried to drive a car through that). Exhibit B, and the best thing I’ve seen on Tucson twitter since someone was chasing a pelican down Speedway, is this woman kayaking down her street read more at

That’s definitely making the most of a rough situation for a real outdoor enthusiast!

But even the true nature lovers need to be careful these days. When we’re not getting flooded out by massive monsoons, the heat can bring the wildlife a bit closer than we really should get.  People trying to be “helpful” by putting out water and/or food are really just asking for trouble – both from the wildlife and from the authorities as it’s actually against the law.

Cougar sightings spike in residential areas

TUCSON – The Arizona Game and Fish Department is reporting a spike in mountain lion sightings in residential areas.

AGFD spokesman Mark Hart said animals often look for water outside of their usual ranges during the hot, dry months of May and June. Even if the lions are not thirsty, they might be following their prey.

“It’s a quandary for us,” Hart said, “because we have a duty to the public to report sightings, particularly if they rise to a dangerous level. None of the behavior has been especially dangerous. But the presence of a mountain lion in a residential area is cause for concern.”

This past week the Game and Fish Department received multiple reports of lion sightings in Sabino Canyon, according to Hart.

Hart also said 9 bear sightings have been reported in the Santa Catalina Mountains since May 21. Via

Speaking of the authorities… we can’t be thankful enough for the great work performed by some of the best here locally in stopping what could have been yet another horrific headline.  While it’s tragic that anyone, especially such a young person, would feel the need to act so violently, the fact that a bigger tragedy was averted is great news.  Hats off to all of law enforcement involoved in stopping this mad man.

Arizona Man Accused of Planning Terrorism Targeting Government Buildings

An FBI task force on Friday arrested a Tucson man on terrorism related offenses involving a conspiracy targeting government buildings in two cities in Arizona, authorities said.

The allegations involve conspiring to commit acts of terrorism on government buildings in Phoenix and Tucson, Attorney General’s Office spokesperson Mia Garcia said.

Authorities told NBC News the arrest and allegations are not related to the Independence Day weekend, and the timing of the arrest was coincidence. There are no outstanding suspects. read more at

Stay safe out there Tucson – on all fronts.

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